9 Chains & Restaurants with Soft Foods

9 Chains & Restaurants with Soft Foods
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It may not seem like a problem, but finding the right restaurant that offers soft food is a challenge, especially if you must eat soft food due to medical or dietary reasons. You can have soft food at home any time, but sometimes it’s nice to get out and have a fun meal. There are also those times when you don’t have the energy or time to cook yourself a soft meal, so in all those instances, the problem arises again. 

I had dental surgery a while back, and I had to be on a soft food diet until I healed, which took longer than I had hoped. During this time, I realized that many people face the issue of having a limited choice of where to eat out. So, I decided to turn this adverse situation into a learning possibility, and I am here to share my experience with you in the following paragraphs. 

Where Can You Eat Soft Food?

You can eat soft food at many places, as many restaurants and chains often offer soft foods as side dishes or generally serve soft meals. My experience with soft food restaurants was a bit rough, but that might have been so due to the pain I was in. 

I tried a lot of places, some through a referral and some through online forums, and below are the ones I would recommend. You are sure to find the best one for yourself!


Believe it or not, I discovered that McDonald’s offers soft foods through Reddit. I never thought of it as a place I could go to and enjoy my soft food diet, but then again, who goes to McDonald’s for soft food when you can have those delightful crispy fries? 

It turns out that McDonald’s is a perfect solution for you if you must eat soft food, and the best thing is that you probably have McDonald’s in your vicinity. You can find a variety of soft food options suitable for people with sensitive teeth or dietary preferences. 

I had the apple sauce, yogurt parfait, and oatmeal, but they have more, and you can ask them, and they will tell you! These meals were very smooth on the palate. What compelled me to keep going there was that the food was really delicious, I loved the sauce selection, and I didn’t feel like I was giving up anything. 


Wendy's Baked Potatoes

The second place on my list is another no-brainer I also found on Reddit. I mean, I’ve known about Wendy’s forever, but it didn’t occur to me while searching for a place where I could have soft food. 

Apparently, Wendy’s is known for its baked potatoes, which are an excellent choice for you if you are seeking soft and easily chewable options. I’d never had their baked potatoes until I had my dental surgery, and I was very pleasantly surprised. 

As a fan of fast food, my idea of fast food is crispy, which Wendy’s baked potatoes are not, so I never took them as an option. Turns out, you can customize your baked potato with toppings like sour cream, cheese, and chives, all great options to spruce up your soft meal — amazing!

Taco Bell 

My initial soft food experience with Taco Bell was less than triumphant, and I have no one else to blame but myself. So, Taco Bell offers tasty soft food options, but what I omitted to think of was that they work for people who eat it out of preference, not due to necessity. 

My painful gums didn’t enjoy having the cheesy roll-ups, although they were very soft. On my second visit, I had beans, but I specified that they could not be too spicy, and they catered to my needs, so it went well. 

Once I started feeling better, I went again and had a bean wrap, which was probably what I was supposed to have the first time. It was soft and gentle, and I highly recommend it. 

Cracker Barrel

I’ve eaten in Cracker Barrel many times before, so I knew I could find a soft meal there, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Cracker Barrel is known for its comforting Southern cuisine, and they offer many menu items that are soft and gentle to the gums. 

I had the mashed potatoes, and it was undoubtedly the right decision. It was short after my intervention, so my gums were overly sensitive, and I was very happy that everything worked out well. 

If you eat this kind of food out of preference, you can also try the macaroni and cheese at Cracker Barrel, they are very soft, but I don’t recommend them for very sensitive gums. 

I also had their steamed veggies, which were not only soft but had a soothing effect on my poor gums. 

Panera Bread 

Another simple solution hiding in plain sight was Panera. Since I always go there for their sandwiches and ignore the rest of the menu, I was so surprised when my friend told me to give this place a shot because they offered awesome soups. 

It turns out that Panera is a go-to spot for soups. If you eat soft food for medical reasons, don’t wait a second longer before you go and treat yourself to a much-needed feast. Their creamy tomato soup and broccoli cheddar soup are excellent soft food options. I couldn’t resist the smell of freshly baked bread, so I paired them with a soft baguette. 

I only had the inside of the baguette without the crust, but it turned out to be a very satisfying meal, nevertheless. 

PF Chang’s 

PF Chang's Egg Drop Soup

Although known for stir-fried dishes, PF Chang’s offers some soft food options. Still, I don’t recommend it if you have inflamed gums or a fresh after an intervention. On the other hand, if you prefer soft food or have moderately sensitive gums, it’s just the place. 

Near the end of my healing, I went there and had a blast. They offer egg drop soup, which was what I had paired with steamed dumplings. 

You can also have steamed veggies or other non-crunchy meals. 

Olive Garden

The Olive Garden is the place to visit if you want to experience taste and softness all in one dish. Known for its soft and gentle pasta dishes, Olive Garden offers a variety of soft meals you can choose from. 

I had a great time there, even though my gums were very sensitive. There are also soups and creamy sauces, and you can mix and match and enjoy the process. 

I had the Zuppa Toscana, and I recommend it to you, too!

Texas Roadhouse

If you were afraid that I wouldn’t offer you a place where you could enjoy a meaty meal with your sensitive gums, fear not; I thought of everything. My visit to Texas Roadhouse was more of an experiment, and I was prepared to take the risk of making a huge mistake. 

Luckily, it turned out to be a wise and tasty decision. Texas Roadhouse is known for its steaks, so I knew that they might not have what I was looking for. To my delight, they also have alternatives like pulled pork and ribs, which are very tender and easy to chew. 

They also offer mashed potatoes, which make everything creamier. Now, the downside was that I took longer to chew my bites, but I felt nothing but deliciousness. 


Arby's Turkey Club Sandwich

Arby’s is last on the list, but certainly not the least! They offer softer choices, though so soft, so as to have them with overly sensitive or inflamed gums. I visited Arby’s when I started to introduce more solid foods, but I was still generally on a soft food diet. 

I had their turkey sandwich, and I didn’t have any problems chewing it. It is significantly softer than other Arby’s menu items, and though you may chew longer, as a precaution, I seriously doubt that it will cause you other problems. 

Which of these is your favorite pick for soft food cravings? I would love to read all about your soft food experience in the comments below!

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