Carbonated Chocolate Milk: What Is It & What’s the Taste?

carbonated chocolate milk
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Although it may sound strange, carbonated chocolate milk is a thing and a quite popular one since there are people all over the internet talking about it. If you encounter the term for the first time, you probably wonder what it is all about, i.e., you might be confused about the structure and taste of this type of milk. So, what is carbonated chocolate milk, and how does it taste? 

Carbonated chocolate milk is the same thing as an egg cream, i.e., it is the same type of drink with different names. To make carbonated chocolate milk, you need milk, cold seltzer, and chocolate syrup. The taste is quite strange so whether you are going to like it depends on your preferences. 

If you are hearing about carbonated chocolate milk just now, you will definitely need to read the following article. I have thoroughly discussed the features of carbonated chocolate milk and how you can make it. I have also included the ingredients you need to prepare the drink in question, along with the taste you should expect once you try it. 

Is Chocolate Drink Carbonated? 

Generally, chocolate drinks can be carbonated, but they are not very popular across the world. In other words, they might be common in some places in which people have the custom of drinking carbonated drinks. For instance, East Asia has the custom of drinking carbonated milk, meaning that carbonated chocolate drinks would not seem strange to the people there. 

When it comes to carbonated chocolate drinks, you should expect a rich and chocolatey taste since it has real cocoa included in it. In addition, carbonated chocolate drinks tend to have pure cane sugar in each bottle, so sweetness should be predicted. This might be a quite sweet drink, so people who do not enjoy really sweet food, might not enjoy the drink for real. 

Can You Carbonate Chocolate Milk? 

It is actually quite possible to carbonate chocolate milk since you only need a few simple ingredients and you will be good to go. In order to carbonate milk, you first need to make sure that you have the three main ingredients needed for the process – cold milk, cold seltzer, and chocolate syrup. When selecting the chocolate syrup, you might choose the ones you believe will make the chocolate milk sweet enough for your taste. 

These are the ingredients for an actual New Yorker egg cream, also referred to as carbonated chocolate milk. To really get the recipe right, you would have to follow some steps so you will have successful carbonated chocolate milk.

Why Is It Called an Egg Cream? 

The name sounds weird to everyone, so do not worry if you get confused as well. It is strange because the recipe for egg cream does not involve any cream or eggs whatsoever. Nonetheless, several theories explain the name, but none of them is determined to be entirely true, so you should believe the one that sounds the most logical to you. 

One theory claims that the name has its origin from the type of milk that has been used in carbonated chocolate milk. In other words, grade “A” milk was mostly used for this recipe, and the name “chocolate A milk” eventually became “egg cream”. This is about the shortening of words, a process in which Americans are masters. 

According to another theory, the name “egg cream” is an Americanization of the phrase “echt keem.” This is a Yiddish phrase that means “pure sweetness”, and since egg cream is truly sweet, it is understandable that it got such a name.

What Does Egg Cream Taste Like?    

The taste of egg cream is known to be quite peculiar and unusual since the main ingredient is milk but carbonated. We are used to fizzy drinks, but carbonated milk is not something you drink daily. That is why this kind of milk is not popular and common in every region of the world. 

The taste is actually sweet, but the added carbon makes it strange. Whether you are going to like it or not, depends on your preferences and your tastes. Some people truly enjoy it, while others find it disgusting. Again, it is really a matter of taste, so I cannot assure you that you are going to like it.

What Are the Ingredients Included in Egg Cream? 

If you want to have a more specific idea of what to expect when you try egg cream, you should be familiar with the main ingredients that are included in the recipe. Therefore, there are three main ingredients, i.e., cold milk, carbonated water, and chocolate syrup of your preference. According to the ingredients, you might get some image of what the drink would taste like, and what you can expect.

In addition, I will give you some heads up – the taste would be quite sweet. However, you can control the sweetness in some way, i.e. you can determine the chocolate syrup you will use. To manage the sweetness in your drink, you can choose the very sweet or less sweet syrup, depending on your taste.

Although carbonated chocolate milk sounds strange, you might want to try it if you want sweet and fizzy drinks. You might not like it, but you will definitely feel like a real New Yorker with a drink like that in your hand. 

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