Can You Make Cheese Out of Chocolate Milk?

can you make cheese out of chocolate milk
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Nowadays, you can do various combinations and make a lot of things of basic ingredients, meaning ingredients can work in different ways. However, when it comes to obtaining different types of food in the kitchen, the combination of making cheese out of chocolate milk can seem quite odd. So, can you really make cheese out of chocolate milk, and what should you do to achieve that? 

Although it sounds strange, cheese out of chocolate milk is a thing nowadays, so it is completely possible to achieve it. You just need high-quality milk that has chocolate inside of it already. However, you will have to make firm but mild cheese, so the taste of chocolate would not be overpowered.

If you are looking for a new experiment in the kitchen, then cheese made out of chocolate milk should be your new thing. Here, I will explain how you can make cheese using just chocolate milk, and I will discuss its benefits, as well. In addition, you will read about some other ways to use chocolate milk, so you might get a little bit fancy in the kitchen. 

Can You Make Chocolate Cheese?

Even though the question sounds strange, it is actually possible to make chocolate cheese. If you think about it, if there is chocolate milk, why not chocolate cheese? In the process of making, people usually use chocolate milk; however, there are other ways that people have tried and claim that they work.

Generally, you will need good-quality chocolate milk and certain methods in order to make a firm cheese, such as ricotta or Brie

On the other hand, some people have tried the process with chocolate powder and have found some satisfying results. As I mentioned before, it does indeed sound strange, but it might be a good addition to your list of recipes. 

However, some people do not like the taste, so they claim that the whole process is a waste of time and ingredients. But if you are eager to try something unusual and tired of drinking cold chocolate milk or hot chocolate, you should go for it. 

Does This Mean that Chocolate Milk Can Curdle?

If you keep chocolate milk in the fridge, it will definitely be good for drinking for days. However, you should bear in mind that chocolate milk is like regular milk when it comes to curdling. In other words, if you keep chocolate milk unrefrigerated, it will easily curdle.

When it comes to chocolate milk, you should remember that the sugar portions in it have some effect in combination with milk, so you might notice curdling after a few days. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep chocolate milk the same way you keep your regular milk, and always check its consistency and smell before use. 

How to Make Chocolate Cheese?

To make the process successful, you would first need to take care of the ingredients you will use. You also have to choose the right method for making cheese that you will use in the process. For instance, the method for Brie cheese is quite common in this case, so you might select your ingredients according to it. 

Therefore, you will need two half-gallon of chocolate milk, in which you will put the mesophilic culture. 

The mesophilic culture should be added to milk warmed at a temperature of 70 °F. However, when you do this, any sweetener that you might add will not be converted into something sweet, meaning you will not get a sweet cheese. 

After you make the curd, you will have to wait for the cheese to harden enough, so it would be ready to eat. 

Nonetheless, you should not expect a very sweet taste since cheese will always be the dominant flavor in this case. You may want to try with a non-dutch processed type of chocolate to try to achieve a little bit of sweetness. 

What Are the Benefits of Chocolate Cheese?

This might seem strange, but there are health benefits to eating chocolate cheese. 

Chocolate can play a crucial part in balancing a healthy diet, so even though it contains a particular amount of sugar, it should be considered in the choice of food. This is because chocolate contains a significant amount of antioxidants that are good for overall health, but especially for preventing various diseases. [1]

In addition, chocolate contains different minerals, such as copper and magnesium that help in regulating blood pressure and heart rate. 

The combination of cheese and chocolate is unusual but beneficial for your health. In other words, you get something sweet in your diet, but you still make some healthy choices. Do not forget that balancing is the key to maintaining a healthy diet, so you should never exaggerate in picking only sugar-free foods. 

Can You Use Chocolate Milk to Make Yogurt?

It is possible to make yogurt using chocolate milk, but you have to consider the added sugars in the chocolate milk that compete with the other natural sugars, such as lactose. These sugars can also slow down the culturing process; therefore, you need to think about many things before making the yogurt. 

It is recommended that you go with plain Greek yogurt in which you will add chocolate milk. In addition, you will have to include some additional ingredients, such as chocolate drink mix powder, chocolate protein powder, or chocolate syrup.

Even if it sounds strange, you can make cheese out of chocolate milk, and get some unusual addition to your meals. However, you have to be careful with the selection of ingredients that will be included in the making.