Can You Leave a Cake out Overnight? [Tips for Proper Storing]

Can You Leave A Cake Out Overnight
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You have made the perfect cake, and now what? You may be a real fan of desserts, but you cannot eat a whole cake at once, which means that you need to store it properly in order to preserve the flavors. So, how do you store it properly, and can you leave a cake out overnight? 

You should leave a freshly-baked cake out overnight since refrigerating might quickly lead to drying out and hardening. Cakes with fondant or ganache can stay at room temperature for up to five days. But, if your cake is primarily made of eggs and dairy products, better keep them in the fridge once they cool completely.

Following a cake recipe and achieving your dream cake is not enough for you to be able to enjoy it for a longer time. You need to remember that storing your cake is as important as making your cake. That is why I have explained how you can store your cake in a proper way, and I have included some tips that might make this task easier. 

Can You Leave a Cake Out? 

Whether or not you should leave your cake out is the most common question related to baking and storing cakes. 

When it comes to freshly baked cakes, it is recommended that you leave them out at least for the night because refrigerating them immediately might affect their texture and taste. Namely, if you put your cake in the fridge right after baking, you are running the risk of it becoming hard and dry. 

Therefore, once your cake is done make sure that you cover it with something you find fit for your cake, and leave it overnight. This also refers to cakes with frostings, fondant, and ganache. You may think that these kinds of cakes might get spoiled over the night, but the ingredients used in cakes are created to endure the room temperatures. 

In fact, cakes can last at room temperatures for longer than one night. As long as you keep it covered, your cake can stay out of the fridge for up to five days. Refrigeration is usually necessary if your kitchen gets really hot during the day, or you will not serve the cake in the following days. 

How Do You Store a Cake Overnight? 

As I mentioned earlier, it is recommended that you leave a freshly-baked cake out overnight. Also, your cake can last at room temperature for a longer time. However, a very important part of this plays how you are going to store the cake. 

This means that you have to cover it and keep it away from the dust and other particles that might be in the air. When your cake is well covered up, you are not running the risk that environmental influences will affect its texture or taste. However, you also need to think about the way in which you have made your cake. 

In other words, if you have baked your cake properly, you might leave it out overnight. If the texture of your cake is made completely according to the recipe, then that means that it will stay safe over the night at room temperature. 

Your cake’s accurate preparation and baking allow it to cool off successfully without letting the layers slide onto each other. This also helps your cake not to fall apart while it is still warm. That is why letting it cool off overnight is so important, but the cake’s preparation needs to be spotless. 

Nonetheless, keeping the cake out on itself is not enough. You need to have a good cover for it, so you would be able to protect it from dust and other particles that might be found in the air. You can do it really simply by using plastic wrap, or you could use some utensils that will make the storing easier. 

Therefore, I have included some ideas that you might find helpful.

  • Plastic wrap and aluminum foil – these will keep the cake layers moist enough, but the cake needs to be cooled off first. 
  • Cake pans – these usually come with lids, so you just have to put the lid on and safely leave your cake to cool off. 
  • Countertop – this can be a convenient place for storing your cake overnight. 
  • Cake keepers – these look nice, but are also some of the safest options you have for storing cakes. 
  • Oven – it is a good solution if you do not have any lids or proper utensils that can keep your cake away from pests or dust. 
Can You Leave A Cake Out Overnight

If you provide good cover, then you can be sure that your cake will stay safe during the night. Some cakes can even stay for more than one night this way, as long as your kitchen does not get really hot during the day. 

How to Store Cake Before Frosting? 

Before you proceed to frost, you should first let the layers cool off completely. You can do this by leaving the cake for a couple of hours, or be on the safe side, leave it overnight. Whichever way you choose, make sure that you wrap or cover the cake layers. 

You cannot proceed to frost if your layers were not covered before that. Dust and other particles will definitely get all over your cake, so it would be completely unsafe to put frosting on that. That is why you need to let the cake cool off with a suitable cover on top. 

How to Store Cake With Buttercream Frosting? 

Believe it or not, you can leave a cake with buttercream frosting at room temperature even for three days. However, you will need to cover it. But, you cannot put the cover immediately after you finish with the frosting process. 

As you know, when the frosting is fresh, it is very soft and light. After you apply it to the cake, it needs some time to harden. Therefore, when it comes to storing a cake with fresh buttercream frosting, you will have to wait for a couple of hours and then store it. 

This also refers to storing the cake in the fridge. The frosting needs air to harden and become as you desire. After you have achieved that, you can put some kind of cover, such as plastic or aluminum foil, lid, or cake keeper. 

How Long Can Frosting Sit Out? 

The average time for frosting and icing to stay unspoiled at room temperature is around three days. 

However, if your buttercream is pure white without butter and only shortening, then the recommended safe time is up to two days. Also, you should not forget about covering it because you limit the possibility of crusting with an appropriate cover. 

How to Know If a Cake Is Spoiled?

Several signs might show you that your cake is spoiled and no longer edible. The most obvious sign and also the most visible one is the appearance of mold. Usually, when mold appears, you will see it on top of your cake, where the frosting is, or around the sides. 

Another sign can be the hard and dry texture of the cake. When moisture evaporates from baked goods, it leaves the texture quite dry. This usually means that your cake is no longer suitable for eating. 

In addition, spoiled cake usually has a sour odor, so don’t forget to check the smell before serving a few days old cakes.

If your cake includes some fruit fillings, you might also notice mold on them. Another possibility is for them to become slimy. 

Can You Leave A Cake Out Overnight

You should always check for these signs, especially if the cake has been kept for a long time. Spoiled cakes can put you in danger because they might induce food contamination, which is definitely not something you are looking for. 

Should a Mirror Glazed Cake Be Refrigerated? 

Since mirror glaze is a delicate detail on a cake, you should always refrigerate it. Wrap it up with a cling wrap, ensuring that the cling is not touching the glaze.

Can You Leave a Sponge Cake Out Overnight? 

Sponge cake is the easiest cake for storing because its texture is resistant to environmental changes, so you can easily leave it out. Therefore, leaving it out overnight would be completely safe, especially if the cake has just been baked. 

How Long Can Cream Cheese Frosting Sit Out? 

A cream cheese frosting is quite delicate, and it can easily get spoiled. That is why it is important to store it in the fridge. However, if you do not want to eat a cold cake, this type of frosting can last safely for about two hours at room temperature. 

In conclusion, it is important to point out, once again, that leaving your cakes to cool off after baking is of crucial importance. You may leave them for a couple of hours or overnight, but make sure that you do not skip this part. Proper storing of cakes is as important as proper baking of them. 

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