Can You Have IHOP Syrup Caddy To-Go?

Can You Have IHOP Syrup Caddy To-Go
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Syrup Caddy is a trademark of the International House of Pancakes and I’m here for it! At every table, you get a caddy with 4 different tasty syrups, which you can drizzle limitlessly. Even their syrup dozers have signature lid colors for every flavor, making them more eye-catching. For me, pancakes are just dough without the right syrup, so they are kind of a big deal in my home! Sometimes, I just want to order in, but don’t want to give up the syrups, so I did a little research on can you have IHOP Syrup Caddy to-go.

The answer is – YES, you can have syrup caddy to-go, but in 2-oz containers that you need to order separately. They offer all 4 signature flavors – strawberry, blueberry, old-fashioned, and butter pecan syrup. I love to order them in a batch so I can use them as toppings for my ice cream bowls, oats, drinks, and more!

In this article, I explained everything about ordering Syrup Caddy, and wrote down some of my favorite pairings.

Do IHOP Delivery and Take-Out Come with Syrup Caddy?

You won’t get all syrup flavors in your take-out or delivery bag, that’s certain. I learned they pack Old Fashioned Syrup, aka maple syrup, with all pancake orders keeping it classic, right? It will come in a tiny 2-oz container, so if you like to drown your pancakes in syrup like me, make sure to ask for more.

On the other side, for a full IHOP experience, there are all syrup caddy specials available for ordering on their site. You can have any of the 4 flavors, and they also come in 2-oz separate containers. They always pack the syrups or any other additions and condiments separately, and I really appreciate that because who wants a mushy, soggy pancake?

One portion of syrup costs 50 cents (at the moment of writing this article) and you can order as many as you want! I always end up ordering a few extras, so I can use them in my oats the next morning. I listed them all below, so if you haven’t tried them all already – here’s everything you need to know!


List of All IHOP Sauces & Pairings

Which IHOP Syrup Caddy to Choose?

There are 4 flavors in IHOP’s syrup caddy, and they are all fabulous! What flavor you’re going to choose depends solely on your taste, I love butternut pecan one for fall and winter as it sets the cozy mood in a second. Still, I always go for blueberry syrup to pair with my ice cream.

Old Fashioned Syrup

This one is a classic, a favorite for many, and incredibly delicious – maple syrup. It offers a perfectly balanced sweet and caramelly, burnt maple goodness. I adore it with all the breakfast items – pancakes, waffles, and French toast.

Its versatility makes it one of a kind, as it goes well with everything, from traditional buttermilk pancakes to chocolate chip (my favs) or blubbery varieties. Some will probably find this gross, but I must admit, drizzling maple syrup over IHOP’s crispy chicken tenders is AMAZING! It gives the sweetness that pairs impeccably with slightly spicy chicken, plus the texture enhances those flavors even more.

I generally like sweet-chilly combos and this one is very similar.

Butter Pecan Syrup

IHOP’s butter pecan syrup is probably my favorite one! The tasty and unique sauce combines the flavors of butter and pecans to create a delightful and nutty twist on traditional pancake syrups. It skyrockets the taste of their pancakes and waffles with a rich aroma. I love drizzling it over fluffy pancakes or crispy waffles, as syrup adds a full-flavored and caramelized sweetness with a nutty undertone.

I also relish adding butter pecan combo in oats, as it deepens the flavor and creates a fine base to top them with nuts. I always order extras when picking up a take-out! I’m not much of a coffee-lover, but people claim it is superb in mochas, lattes, and other coffee-based drinks. My drink of choice is warm, frothy oat milk with white chocolate and drizzles of butter pecan syrup!

Blueberry Syrup

Their blueberry syrup is a lovely and fruity addition to the entire sweet breakfast menu. I like smooth and a tad thick consistency, which makes it easy to trickle over pancakes and waffles. It adds a delish blueberry taste by infusing them with a fruity twist without making them soggy. 

If you love fresh berries, you will adore this syrup, as well. My go-to combo is drizzled over ice cream or crepes to add a touch of tanginess. Sometimes, I add it to the smoothies to sweeten it up a bit. It’s not the healthiest option, though, but I only use one packaging, plus it adds a nice color.

Strawberry Syrup

Strawberry syrup is very much like the blueberry one. It captures the essence of fresh berries, providing a burst of sweet and tangy flavor. They both have the same consistency and pair with the same things, it just comes to which fruit you like the best. I’m a blueberry girl, though. 

On a side note, strawberry syrup is AMAZING in fruity cocktails – made and tested. One packaging of strawberry syrup is enough for a glass, so that’s handy. I made strawberry daiquiris and Bellini’s with it and the smooth texture simply fits the vibe.

Now, I want to know your favorite pairings. Write them in the comment section below. You can never have too many ideas, right?  

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