Can You Cook Pillsbury Biscuits in the Microwave?

Can You Cook Pillsbury Biscuits in the Microwave
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Other than being heavenly delicious, the magic of Pillsbury biscuits consists of the simplicity of making them. Popping them in the oven is enough as they rest independently. However, you may want to experiment and cook them in the microwave, or the oven is not an option. So, can you cook Pillsbury biscuits in the microwave?

Sadly, Pillsbury biscuits don’t brown in the microwave. They will be cooked but not browned with their recognizable golden brown color. However, there is a way to bake them in the microwave and finish the details another way. Microwaving and then popping them in another appliance does the job very well. 

Although the microwave alone isn’t enough to deliver the complete Pillsbury biscuit experience, it is more than enough to cook them and shorten the preparation time. Granted, you will have to combine it with another appliance, but it does speed up things when you are in a rush. In the following paragraphs, I will explain how to cook Pillsbury biscuits in the microwave. 

How to Cook Pillsbury Biscuits in the Microwave? 

The microwave is a nifty appliance to cook your Pillsbury biscuits when you are in a rush, want to experiment, or the oven is simply not an option. However, there is a set of steps you need to observe to cook them just right. 

Since the microwave doesn’t cook the traditional way, i.e., by applying hot air, but by creating vibration in the food by cooking it on the inside, it isn’t the best way to bake. Therefore your Pillsbury biscuits won’t crisp up and brown on the surface, but they will be moist and pale-colored. 

What is more, Pillsbury even says on the biscuits’ packaging “Do not freeze or microwave unbaked poppin’ fresh dough”.

do not microwave pillsbury biscuits label on the can

The Pillsbury biscuits’ charm consists of their golden brown color and crispy crust, so it would be a shame to deprive yourself of that. Luckily, there is a way to have your cake and eat it too. 

First, pop the Pillsbury biscuits in the microwave and set the timer to six minutes. Let the Pillsbury biscuits cook without opening the microwave door. To prevent them from getting overly moist, you can place a paper towel on them to absorb the excess moisture. 

However, be prepared that they will be wet, as the towel won’t absorb all the moisture. 

Once the Pillsbury biscuits are done, place them in the toaster oven or the air-fryer to crisp up and get their golden brown color. If you use the oven for this, preheat it to 375 °F, i.e., 190 °C, for 10 minutes. Whichever appliance you use to finish baking your Pillsbury biscuits, don’t leave them there for more than two minutes.


How to Reheat Pillsbury Biscuits to Taste Fresh & Soft?

Another great solution to microwave-bake your Pillsbury biscuits is using a microwave crisper pan. If you have one, you don’t need another appliance to finish your Pillsbury biscuits. The microwave crisper pan will do an excellent job baking the surface of the Pillsbury biscuits, so you will have everything done in those six minutes of microwaving. 

What to Serve With Pillsbury Biscuits?

Pillsbury biscuits are insanely versatile. You can serve them with sweet and savory sides, sauces, dips, jams, and spreads. 

They go great with salads, soups, meaty meals, grilled vegetables, or deli meats and cheese plates. You can also cut them in half and turn them into mini-sandwiches stuffed with your favorite deli meat and cheese, with a slice of tomato or a lettuce leaf. 

Can You Cook Pillsbury Biscuits in the Microwave

You can also combine them with nuts, honey, jam, fruits, and creams. Dairy spreads, such as sour cream, kaymak, or butter, are excellent ways to enrich Pillsbury biscuits. 

Peanut, almond, or hazelnut butter also goes fantastic with Pillsbury biscuits. A simple glass of milk can also do the trick and transform Pillsbury biscuits into an unforgettable soft experience. Omelets are yet another dreamy pair to Pillsbury biscuits. 

The options are endless, as Pillsbury biscuits go with virtually everything under the sun; it is up to your imagination and preference what you combine them with. 

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