Cake vs. Pie: Differences & Which Is Better?

cake vs pie
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People who enjoy desserts regularly would probably be satisfied with either cake or pie. However, those who like their desserts in a special way would probably think a lot before picking one. It is a known fact that cakes and pies are heavenly delicious, and choosing one can be quite difficult, especially if you are a fan of both. However, what are the main differences between cake and pie? 

The main difference between cake and pie is that pies can’t go without fillings. In addition, cakes are always sweet since they are usually made of chocolatey ingredients. On the other hand, pies can be both sweet and savory. While cakes are soft and spongy, pies are crusty.

If you are interested in getting to know more about pies and cakes, you have come to the perfect place. After reading this article, you will be able to understand what actually you are choosing when deciding on one. I have also listed some types of cakes and pies that are considered good for you, so next time you would make a healthy choice. 

Cake vs. Pie: What Is the Difference? 

People who do not eat a lot of desserts regard cake and pie as one and the same, which is an entirely wrong thing. In fact, they can notice that something about them is different, but they do not pay a lot of attention. 

However, you need to know the main differences if you want to make good food choices. therefore, it will not hurt you to know something more about these delicious dishes.


Firstly, I will state the most obvious difference between cakes and pies, i.e. the fillings. You have never come across a cake that has fillings inside, right? This is due to the fact that cakes never come with fillings inside them since they are made of entirely different ingredients, and fillings do not go well with them for a cake texture. When you look at a cake, you see different layers.

On the other hand, pies come with fillings, and this is basically their most recognizable feature. There are different types of fillings that go inside a pie, and that is why there are a lot of pie choices on the market. In a pie, you can taste every possible flavor, and many times when you want to pick one, the choice can be quite difficult.


When it comes to cakes, we know that they are always sweet. Cakes are usually made of sugar and butter, so you will never come across a cake that is not sweet. Even if it is based on fruits and nuts, it will still contain sugar, meaning that a cake will always be sweet, but the sweetness may vary. 

On the other hand, pies can have either a sweet or savory taste. There are pies made of vegetables and meat, and there are pies made of chocolate and other sweet ingredients. This means that you can eat pie during breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, while chocolate is usually only a dessert. 

Ingredients and Texture

As I already mentioned the difference in taste, it is obvious that in cakes and pies, different ingredients are used. However, sometimes the ingredients can be quite similar, but the texture of these two types of food is always different. For instance, a cake is made of batter, meaning that all the ingredients are mixed in a smooth and more liquid texture that is later baked. 

When it comes to pie, you have to prepare and mix the ingredients in the dough. Pies are made of carefully prepared dough that is made with the proper consistency, which is later baked in a pie mold. What is more, pies are usually round, but they can have different shapes engraved on the top. 

In addition, the texture of a cake is always soft and fudgy, while pies are usually firm and crusty, or crunchy in a way. 


Most times cakes are used on celebratory occasions, meaning they are usually decorated with some kind of ornaments. For instance, you can put cream, frosting, icing, and some types of figures on the top of a cake. This means that cakes allow you to experiment with your creativity. 

In contrast, pies are never decorated, so you will never see any icing or cream on top of them. You can make the top of the pie different and interesting in a way by cutting the dough in different shapes before baking, but that is it. The texture and the dough of a pie do not allow any other types of decorations on the top. 

Which Is Considered Better, Cake or Pie?

The answer to this question usually depends on the taste a particular person has. However, many times it cannot be argued whether a cake or pie is better due to the fact that they have quite different textures and they taste differently. Although both foods can be sweet and made of similar ingredients, they will never taste the same, so it is the case of personal taste. 

Nonetheless, many people claim that pies can be regarded as better because they are crunchy and they can satisfy your appetite in a different way. [1] Since they can be taken for the main meal, people do not usually feel guilty after eating pie because that was their lunch, for instance. On the other hand, a cake is merely a dessert, therefore, many people feel bad after eating an entire piece of it, especially if they are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Since it is very difficult to discuss tastes, it is very difficult to determine which type of pie is the most popular. People tend to have different tastes, therefore, they tend to buy or make different types of pie. Also, there are people who like unusual stuff, so they tend to pick pies that have not-so-regular ingredients. 

Nonetheless, according to research done on the territory across the US, the statistics show that most states tend to stay loyal to the classic apple pie. Apple pie is one of the oldest and widely popular types of pies, so people still tend to choose the classics over the contemporary recipes of pies. However, some states in the South of the US prefer pecan pie over apple one. 

If you are craving pie, but still want to maintain some kind of balance in your diet, then you should opt for a pumpkin pie. Pumpkin is known to provide many benefits and the improvement of the immune system.

Fruit is known to have natural sugars in its content, so it can be quite sweet and high in calories when it is mixed with additional sugar. What is more, pumpkin is a source of vitamin A and fiber, meaning that pumpkin pie would be good for the health of your skin, nails, and hair. [2]

What Is the Best Cake to Eat?

Since cakes are always sweet, sometimes it is really difficult to determine which type would be the healthiest one. However, if we take into consideration the ingredients, the healthiest type of cake would be the one that is low in sugar and contains fruit, vegetables, nuts, and dark chocolate. These ingredients are known as sources of vitamins and other nutrients, so they will provide some kind of balance in your dessert. 

One of the healthiest types of cake is the so-called Angel Cake that contains egg whites and no butter. It has a fluffy and spongy consistency, and it is quite light, so you will not feel so full after eating it. What is more, it contains only 70 calories per piece, meaning it is nothing in comparison to other cakes that include heavier ingredients and additives. Also, it is combined with fruit, such as berries on top of it, so it would perfectly satisfy your cravings and enable you to stay in balance. 

As you can see, there are some major differences between cakes and pies, meaning that they cannot be included in meals interchangeably. They might have the same or similar ingredients, but they have quite different textures, so they will never taste the same. When it comes to picking one, a pie might be the smarter choice, but usually, it depends on a person’s personal taste. 

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