Cadbury vs. Hershey: Which Is Better?

Cadbury Vs Hershey
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Cadbury and Hershey are amongst the finest chocolatiers with the most delicious and decadent chocolate brands worldwide. The taste difference between the chocolate on either side of the Atlantic has become one of the most contentious debates. So, which is better – Cadbury or Hershey?

Cadbury’s chocolate is considered better. It is a rich, delicious, meltier chocolate, while Hershey’s chocolate offers unusual flavor experiences. Hershey’s chocolate has a goatee, acidic, or tangy taste. People often describe Hershey’s chocolate as harder, not as rich, with a waxy aftertaste.

From the luxuriously decadent chocolate bars to creamy melt-in-the-mouth moments, Cadbury and Hershey’s brands have elevated the art of chocolate making into something magical. But, if the two brands are confusing, stick around and learn which one to choose, which tastes better, their ingredients, and why Cadbury was banned in the US.

Cadbury vs. Hershey: Which One to Choose?

Cadbury’s chocolate is made to serve those with epicurean taste- it is rich and ultra-creamy. Its squares are dense and chunkier than the Hershey counterpart. The raised top of the UK bar makes the texture substantially smoother. That makes this exquisite luxurious brand a delight to even the most discerning chocolate connoisseur.

Hershey’s chocolate has something for everyone, from the traditionalists to people seeking inventive and unusual flavor explosions. However, it is lackluster in both flavor and consistency, and its sweetness can be overwhelming.

Taste Test

Cadbury’s chocolate bars are typically creamier. The brand boasts that their bars contain a glass and a half of milk for each half-pound chocolate bar. Besides, in the UK, the manufacturers are required to include at least 20% cocoa in their chocolate bars. 

Conversely, the required cocoa amount is significantly lower in the US with some brands releasing chocolate with as little as 10% cocoa. Hence, British chocolate tends to have higher cocoa and fat content.

Hershey’s chocolate has no creamy taste, fills your mouth with the taste of toasted cocoa, and has a bitter aftertaste. Instead, it has a sweet, slightly tangy milk scent with a fudgy texture and flavor.

The Hershey’s chocolate bite is soft but has a snap to it and its melt-in-the-mouth experience is somehow on the sticky side. It isn’t silk and one can even describe the chocolate as gritty.

The difference in taste has been associated with the ingredients used. For instance, a BBC report has shown that grinding the cacao beans differs between American and British makers. [1] Americans use South American beans, while British manufacturers prefer West African cocoa.

One of the most common words applied to describe Hershey’s chocolate taste is vomit. That’s because it has a different taste due to the milk that the American manufacturer uses.

During the first product of chocolate, Milton Hershey noticed that the dairy product used had curdled slightly. Rather than throwing it away, he decided to dehydrate the sour milk and continue with production. Buyers fell in love with the recipe, and he decided to keep the product as it was.

Today, it’s reported that the company has stopped using sour milk in favor of butyric acid. The acid is usually found in sour yogurt, parmesan cheese, and vomit. It gives the chocolate a distinct tanginess that is rarely in another brand of chocolate.

Moreover, the PGPR added in Hershey’s chocolate is made from castor oil and is used to ensure the chocolate flows nicely around fillings and into molds. It also lowers the amount of expensive cocoa butter required to make the chocolate bar. However, the chemical is said to add to the vomit smell and taste.

Differences in Ingredients

There’s a slight difference between Cadbury’s chocolate and Hershey’s chocolate emulsifiers. The UK version (Cadbury) lists E476 and E442 while the US version (Hershey) lists PGPR and soy lecithin. While E476 and PGPR are the same things, E422 and soy lecithin are different.

Besides, while the main ingredient of Cadbury milk chocolate is milk, Hershey’s chocolate’s primary component is sugar in the United States. This is derived from milk being listed as the first ingredient in Cadbury, while sugar is listed as Hershey’s chocolate’s first ingredient. Typically, it is required to list ingredients in descending order by weight.

Moreover, like the rest of the EU, the UK allows up to five percent non-cocoa vegetable fats to be mixed with crumbs together with cocoa butter. However, the US doesn’t allow such a thing.

Does Hershey Own Cadbury?

In 1988, the Hershey company acquired the United States Cadbury license. The acquisition included the manufacturing of Almond Joy, Mounds, York Peppermint Patties, and Cadbury products like Carmelo and Dairy Milk

At the time, the acquisition was seen as a way for Cadbury to enter the US market dominated by Hershey and Mars. But, today, Hershey uses an entirely different recipe for its chocolate.

Why Is Cadbury Banned in America?

Albeit with a different recipe, Hershey’s has the right to make and package its version of Cadbury’s chocolates. Hence, the US company doesn’t want British importers to compete with its American-born-and-bred renditions of the UK classics.

For that reason, Hershey filed a lawsuit alleging that Cadbury’s chocolate had imitated an existing Hershey chocolate recipe in 2015. According to Jeff Beckman, Hershey’s spokesperson, it was crucial for the brand to protect its trademark rights and prevent consumers from being misled or confused when they see a product package or name that’s so confusingly like Hershey’s trade dress or name.

Hershey had also accused the New-Jersey-based importer of Cadbury chocolates Let’s Buy British (LBB) of infringing its brand trademark rights by importing UK products not intended for sale in the United States. When they won the lawsuit, the US company was banned from selling imported Cadbury chocolate in the US.

Can You Buy Cadbury Chocolate in the US?

It’s considerably harder to buy Cadbury chocolate in the US. But it is possible – it will take effort and willingness to pay the premium price, but it has a high reward. For instance, you can import it yourself using the Cadbury Gifts Direct that ships internationally. This is possible because the ban applies to LBB imports and not to individuals.


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Does Cadbury Chocolate Taste Different in Different Countries?

Cadbury chocolate tastes different in different countries because of the time spent combining and mixing the ingredients. The more time spent, the smoother and luxurious the resulting Cadbury chocolate will be.

Milk also tastes differently in different countries. It might even taste different in other parts of a country, depending on the breed and feeding of the cow. For instance, some people believe that Australian milk gives Cadbury chocolate a distinct flavor.

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