Bounty vs. Mounds: Differences & Which Is Better?

Bounty vs. Mounds

Bounty and Mounds dark chocolate bars look quite identical. They both come with a two-piece candy bar, and they both have a chocolate coating. You might also think they have a similar taste. However, and you may not know this, several details tell them apart. So, what are the differences between Mounds and Bounty? 

While Mounds are covered with dark chocolate, Bounty is covered with creamy milk chocolate. Mounds have more chocolate and less filling, while Bounty is all about its coconut filling. This makes Bounty creamer more than Mounds. Both Mounds and Bounty have a coconut filling that is chewy and sweet. 

But that’s not to say one is better than the other. They are both tasty treats with a strong coconut aroma that I love. And that’s not all. Below I will go into much detail explaining what other differences these two have.

Bounty vs. Mounds: Differences

Before we start let’s take a look at a cheat sheet.

Appearance 0.12 pounds a bar; with 3 little waves on it0.10 pounds a bar; with uneven waves on top
FillingMore coconut filling, less chocolateLess coconut filling, more chocolate
FlavorsDark chocolate and Milk flavorsDark chocolate flavor
TasteSweet coconut filling. CreamyChewy and sweeter than Bounty. Has more artificial taste
PopularityMost popular in Europe and CanadaReadily available in Europe and USA
OwnershipMars, IncorporatedThe Hershey Company

Apart from their filling, another significant difference is the flavor. Mounds come in one flavor with a dark chocolate coating, while Bounty comes in two flavors; milk chocolate and dark chocolate coating. 

Appearance and Size

Mounds and Bounty come in the same size, two mini rectangular shapes. Although, Mounds look a little bigger than Bounty. It is only 0.10 pounds per bar, while a Bounty bar is 0.12 pounds per bar.

Since Mounds is a dark chocolate bar and Bounty is a milk chocolate bar, you can imagine another difference in their colors. Mounds are darker, while Bounty is light brown chocolate. 

Bounty is recognizable for its three waves on top. On the other hand, Mounds don’t have the signature waves, but you can’t say they are flat. Mounds also have some small waves, but they are not that easily noticeable and are placed randomly.

Bounty vs. Mounds


Mounds and Bounty have almost similar ingredients and nutritional values. However, Mounds have fewer calories and fat. Mounds have 5.1 g of fat and 0.9 g of protein and have 94 calories. [1] On the other hand, Bounty has 15 g of fat, 2.5 g of protein, and 267 calories in total. [2]

Taste and Texture

The main ingredient in both candy bars is coconut. It makes these chocolate bars chewy and sweet, but not too much. It also has very similar tastes in both chocolates, but it seems that Bounty has more filling than Mounds. 

The type of chocolate makes a bigger difference between Mounds and Bounty. The Bounty includes a thin creamy milk chocolate cover, while Mounds is slightly bitter due to its dark chocolate cover. It also looks like Mounds has a thicker chocolate cover making it more chocolatey than Bounty. 

I can also taste a slightly artificial Mounds bar, which drives me from this bar. On the other hand, I can’t say I taste it in Bounty. 

Bounty vs. Mounds

Popularity and Origin

Most don’t know that Mounds were the first to be manufactured in 1920 and created by Vincent Nitido before the Hershey Company purchased them. The Mounds chocolate bar is available in Europe and USA.

Then Bounty came into the market 31 years later, in 1951, manufactured by Mars Incorporated. The chocolate bar is very similar to the Mounds bar and copies the coconut filling coated with rich chocolate. The Bounty chocolate bar is most popular in Europe and Canada.


Because Bounty bars have limited retailers in the US, the retail price varies depending on shipping and availability but can be found at around $5 for one bar.

Mounds bar retails at approximately $2.50 regular prize.

Bounty vs. Mounds: Which Is Better?

If you prefer milky coconut candy bars, I recommend the Bounty bar because it has more coconut filling. I would always choose Bounty over Mounds because of its creaminess and milky flavor. 

However, if you like an intense dark chocolate flavor, then the Mounds chocolate bar would be a better choice.

Is Bounty the Same as Almond Joy?

While both have a coconut filling, they are not even close to being similar. The Almond Joy has a milk chocolate coating, crunchy almonds, and a not-too-sweet coconut filling. The Bounty bar has no almonds. It has a much sweeter coconut filling and comes in two flavors.

Bounty vs. Mounds
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Are Mounds and Almond Joy the Same Brand?

They are both made by The Hershey Company. With Mounds consisting of shredded sweetened coconut coated in either dark chocolate or milk chocolate. And Almond Joy is a similar bar only topped off with almonds and covered in dark chocolate.  

Does Bounty Contain Real Coconut?

The main ingredient in this loved snack is designated coconut. That’s as close to real coconut as it can get.

Is Bounty no Longer Sold in the Us?

Bounty got banned from the US because it is a direct imitation of the Mounds chocolate bar. That’s why it is popular in the UK and Canada.

The Difference Between Mounds and Almond Joy?

Both are produced the same way, in the same company. The difference is that Almond Joy has a crunchy almond filling, unlike its sibling Mounds, and Almond Joy is covered in milk chocolate, while Mounds is covered in dark chocolate. 

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