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25 Best Books On Chocolate Making And History

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If you are a true lover of chocolate and like to consume it daily, you should probably learn something more about how it was created and changed throughout history. 

There are many books that depict the whole history, science, and culture behind chocolate. However, sometimes it is difficult to determine which book would be useful to you since there are a great number of options, so I have made a narrowed-down list of the best books to help you in your choice.

The True History Of Chocolate By Sophie D. Coe & Michael D. Coe 

The True History of Chocolate perfectly depicts the process of how chocolate has developed to the form we know of today. The book is beautifully written and illustrated to show you the exact botanical, archaeological, and culinary facts that influenced the creation of chocolate. This masterpiece will take you back in the past and exemplify the origins of cocoa that have begun in Mesoamerica and continued to spread to Europe. 

It is the perfect in-depth book for those who truly want to learn the history of chocolate and how it developed to its form today. 

Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss Of Foods We Love By Simran Sethi 

Written in 2016, Bread, Wine, Chocolate discusses the historical and cultural importance of the most common tastes that we enjoy daily. The award-winning author Simran Sethi has created the perfect book for those who are passionate about different food and tastes. In this book, you will read interviews of scientists, chefs, farmers, and other people who have immense knowledge in this kind of food, and understand how the loss of these tastes has happened. 

Bread, Wine, Chocolate will definitely lead you to more purposeful and conscious eating, and it will help you understand food in a different way. 

Bean-To-Bar Chocolate: America’s Craft Chocolate Revolution By Megan Giller 

This book shows you how to combine chocolate with different flavors in amazing ways, such as coffee, cheese, beer, or bread. Megan Giller depicts historical facts about chocolate, and resolves the greatest myths about chocolate, and talks about one of the biggest chocolate manufacturers in America. Bean-To-Bar Chocolate: America’s Craft Chocolate Revolution is a fascinating way to explore the revolution of chocolate that happened across the US.

What is more, this book includes 22 recipes from master chefs, meaning you will have the chance to cook something totally new and different. 

Cocoa By Kristy Leissle

Believe it or not, even behind cocoa and chocolate, there is some kind of committed political injustice and struggle for power. Cocoa will show you the real picture of these occurrences. Kristy Leissle demonstrates how real cocoa is grown and available only to wealthy people. In addition, she describes the ugly truth about the exploitation of growers and how it reflects on vulnerable groups. 

Cocoa is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the main ingredient for chocolate, and how it is incorporated in the political, economic, and social aspects of society.

Cocoa: An Exploration Of Chocolate, With Recipes By Sue Quinn

Cocoa is an amazing book by Sue Quinn that not only discusses the science and health benefits behind chocolate but also establishes the position of women in the world of chocolate. This is not something that you read every day, therefore, the remarkable work of this author is really worth it. This is a piece of work that will not leave you indifferent – on the contrary, you would be more inspired and eager to learn more about the history of the greatest food on earth.

In addition, along with the amazing facts, you will be provided with some unique chocolate recipes that will probably make you the star chef in your family. 

Making Chocolate: From Bean To Bar To S’more By Dandelion Chocolate

Dandelion Chocolate has written the full guide on making chocolate from scratch, and it is an amazing chocolate journey from the plantations to the kitchen. What is more, Making Chocolate includes some great recipes for different kinds of pastries that you will fall in love with. By reading this book, you can become the real master in knowledge of chocolate science, and learn the skills you need in order to make chocolate from bean to bar. 

This will be an amazing book for chocolate hobbyists and enthusiasts, as well as for those who are trying to learn some new chocolate recipes. 

Chocolate Wars: The 150-Year Rivalry Between the World’s Greatest Chocolate Makers By Deborah Cadbury 

The fascinating thing about this book is that it is written by one of the family members included in the chocolate wars. Chocolate Wars is the greatest depiction of the controversies and disputes that have occurred among the biggest chocolate manufacturing families, including Cadbury, Rowntree, and Fry. Once you read Chocolate Wars, you will understand how the desire for power and profit can lead you to do surprising things.

In addition, this book will give you insights into how the chocolate industry has changed due to eagerness for profit, i.e. what the biggest rivals have done to achieve that. 

Meaningful Work: A Quest to Do Great Business, Find Your Calling, and Feed Your Soul By Shawn Askinosie, with Lawren Askinosie

Meaningful Work is not entirely about chocolate – it also reveals some great insights on how you can change your career path if you only know the right way to do it. Shawn Askinosie discusses his story about how he established the Askinosie Chocolate Company, and how this manufacturer has become the leading figure in the world of chocolate. 

This book will not only give you facts about chocolate, but it will also help you reflect on your life and give you some practical tips on how you can turn your life around. 

Believe it or not, chocolate can have a real impact on your life, whether you consume it or use it to earn money and accomplish your dreams, and Meaningful Work is your proof for that. 

The Art And Craft Of Chocolate By Nathan Hodge 

Nathan Hodge takes you on a journey through the history of chocolate, and The Art and Craft of Chocolate depicts the process of making chocolate from bean to bar. 

However, this book is not only fascinating because of the historical facts, but it also offers some amazing recipes for baked goods, dips, and drinks, meaning you can become a real chocolate master in the kitchen. 

Another great feature of this book is the fact that its author is a world-renowned chocolate maker, so you would really read about authentic experience starting from the basics. 

The Art and Craft of Chocolate is a perfect book for beginners, who want to get into the world of chocolate, and for chocolate enthusiasts, who want to get deeper into this field. 

The Science Of Chocolate By Stephen T. Beckett 

The Science Of Chocolate depicts the whole process of chocolate making, and it also shows how basic science plays a crucial role in the creation of chocolate. Stephen Beckett explains the story behind the fermentation of cocoa beans as well as the combination of milk and sugar, so you will thoroughly understand how we get chocolate bars in that particular form. It is perfect for beginners, i.e. people who do not possess any idea of the process of making chocolate. 

This book is also a good factor for influencing children to engage in learning science, but it is also a material used in academia and industry. 

Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga Of Dark & Light By Mort Rosenblum 

Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Dark & Light is the perfect book for those who want to learn about the process of making chocolate amusingly and entertainingly. You will have the chance to dive into the world of manufacturing and marketing, as well as the entering of chocolate into the French and American markets. Mort Rosenblum has provided information that you really have to know if you are interested in chocolate. 

The book also offers ways in which chocolate is used around the world and its health benefits that still impose dilemmas among consumers. 

Chocolate: Sweet Science & Dark Secrets Of The World’s Favorite Treat By Kay Frydenborg

When you think about buying a book that will offer scientific and historical information, you usually look for something that will be easily readable and give you all the necessary details without burdening you with unimportant stuff. 

That is exactly what Chocolate: Sweet Science & Dark Secrets of The World’s Favorite Treat offers you, meaning that once you read it, you will acquire the exact amount of information that is needed. By shedding light on the secrets that chocolate hides, Kay Frydenborg has succeeded in explaining the reasons why chocolate is the world’s favorite treat. 

It also includes stories that were significant for the development of the chocolate industry, such as the kids who went on a strike to protest the candy prices after World War II. 

Raising The Bar: The Future Of Fine Chocolate By Pam Williams And Jim Eber 

Raising The Bar: The Future of Fine Chocolate is a masterpiece that encompasses interviews and opinions of some of the greatest experts in the chocolate industry. It also gives an insight into the changes and alterations that have happened to chocolate, and how we have ended up with a product like this. 

In addition, the authors give details of what happens in the biggest supply chain in the world, and what secrets are hiding behind the deliciousness of chocolate. 

When you read this book, you dive into the amazing world of chocolate, but you also become aware of the things surrounding this world. 

The Chocolate Tasting Kit By Eagranie Yuh 

As its title suggests, this book is all about the tips and tricks of tasting chocolate accurately. Eagranie Yuh teaches you how to taste chocolate in a mindful way, as well as how to recognize different chocolate flavors. The Chocolate Tasting Kit is everything that one chocolate connoisseur and enthusiast needs to complete their chocolate skills. 

This book can also be a great gift for someone who enjoys experimenting with chocolate flavors, or just finds joy in getting to know different chocolate notes. 

The Art Of The Chocolatier: From Classic Confections to Sensational Showpieces By Ewald Notter 

The Art of The Chocolatier is the guide you need in order to learn about the history of chocolate, and everything connected to the process of chocolate making. Ewald Notter has covered all the fundamentals of chocolate making in a masterful way. What is more, he has provided exceptional ways in which you can present chocolate, i.e. he has included instructions on showpiece design and assembly. 

The Art of The Chocolatier is considered the best and the most comprehensive guide on chocolate making, so you will not make a mistake by opting for this book. 

Chocolate Making For Beginners By Luke Rosado

Luke Rosado has worked really hard to provide this amazing guide on chocolate making specifically for beginners. Chocolate Making For Beginners is the most convenient book that will show you how to make chocolate for every occasion, i.e. chocolate that enables you to enjoy it without feeling any guilt afterward. 

You will learn which are the best ingredients for making chocolate at home, how you can make sugar-free chocolate, and techniques that will enable you to create unique chocolate. 

In addition, you will be provided with methods on how to wrap your chocolate, and ways in which you can sell chocolate and earn some money. 

100% Chocolate Lover’s Book By Lesley Lynn Hudson 

100% Chocolate Lover’s Book is exactly what its name suggests it is. You will find everything you need to know about chocolate in only one book. By reading this book, you have the opportunity to learn a lot of interesting facts about chocolate, as well as the benefits that come with this delicious food. 

In addition, the book comes with some amazing chocolate recipes that you will not be able to wait and try all. 

Everything Chocolate: A Decadent Collection of Morning Pastries, Nostalgic Sweets, and Showstopping Desserts By America’s Test Kitchen

Everything Chocolate is a piece of work that will definitely not disappoint you since it contains the greatest collection of chocolate recipes. This book includes around 200 chocolate recipes that will make you the chocolate chef star in your family. The best thing about it is that it includes clear and precise directions for making your own chocolate bar easily and simply. 

You will be impressed by your own skills in the kitchen, and you will learn that a good guidebook is everything you need.

Global Chocolate Tour By Lonely Planet Food 

Global Chocolate Tour contains some of the finest varieties of fine chocolate in the world along with amazing facts related to chocolate and its history. The book comes with amazing and colorful illustrations, and it includes some of the most popular chocolate destinations. Therefore, this is a guide on chocolate making and the perfect guide for planning a trip if you decide to visit some of the chocolate destinations. 

In other words, everything you need is combined in this book, meaning you will not regret opting for this choice. 

Grandpa Cacao: A Tale Of Chocolate, From Farm To Family 

The unique name refers to the two favorite things in a person’s life – grandparents and chocolate. After the release, Grandpa Cacao has become a real obsession with chocolate lovers. The book is written in a masterful way by telling a story about a little girl who bakes a chocolate birthday cake for her father and at the same time listens to a story about her grandpa, who is a cacao farmer.

There is no better way of learning about chocolate than by relating to the flavors that take us back to our childhoods. 

The Jaguar And The Cacao Tree By Birgitte Rasine 

This is another magical story that involves a family that moved to Guatemala to study a cacao tree. This is not a typical chocolate book that you usually come across. However, it offers a great insight into the Mayan culture and their connection to the cacao tree. The Jaguar and The Cacao Tree is a book that will awaken your curiosity about chocolate and its history. 

Another interesting fact about this book is that it is written for young adults. However, nowadays, people of all ages enjoy the mystery of it. 

Chocolate, Healthfood Of The Gods By Phillip Minton

There is no better evidence of the health benefits of a certain food than them being given in a book. Chocolate, Healthfood of The Gods encompasses all of the healthy features of chocolate, giving you all the reasons why you should consume it without feeling guilty afterward. Phillip Minton gives his professional points on the beneficial properties of chocolate along with some legends that are now proven by scientific research. 

Once you read the book, you will be surprised by the historical chocolate facts, and you will see no point in restricting chocolate in your diet anymore.

Deep Tasting: A Chocolate Lover’s Guide To Meditation By R. M. Peluso 

You do not need any words to describe this book since its features are already included in the title. Yes, Deep Tasting is a book about the physical and mental health benefits of chocolate and meditation, and how they are combined to give you the result you desire. Peluso explains the technique in which you can combine chocolate and meditation and decrease the possibility of getting any of the serious diseases. 

You will love this book because of the great writing and because it encourages you to take a bite of chocolate and enjoy life more calmly. 

Chocolate: A Global History By Sarah Moss

Dive into the global history of chocolate with the amazing story that Sarah Moss has written, particularly for those who are in love with chocolate. Chocolate: A Global History discusses and illustrates the very beginnings of chocolate in Spain and how it has reached the status of becoming the universal obsession. Chocolate is a representation of everything that is regarded as hedonistic and sensual. Therefore, it is no surprise that so many people are crazy about it. 

With the amazing descriptions accompanied by astonishing images, you will enjoy this book, and you will not want to put it down. 

A Dark History Of Chocolate By Emma Kay 

A Dark History of Chocolate is the true revealer of all of the secrets and controversies that have happened and are still happening to the present day behind the sweetest food of all – chocolate. 

Emma Kay exemplifies people’s relationship with the food, also known as the “food of Gods,” and helps us understand how chocolate has become an important factor in each culture. The author sheds light on everything that has been kept in the dark and helps the readers understand the whole process of chocolate becoming the symbol of sensuality and mysteriousness. 

A Dark History of Chocolate will really take your breath, and you will not believe that you have not heard about the history of chocolate before. 

If you have gone through the list, you have seen that you have so many options for learning about the history of chocolate making. In fact, you have different ways of learning about these things; you just have to choose one of the books suitable for your preferences. Whatever you decide on, you will not make a mistake. 

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