11 Best Lemon Pepper Seasoning Brands & Products

Best Lemon Pepper Seasoning Brands

Lemon pepper seasoning is an excellent and very welcomed addition to many dishes. Made of dried lemon zest, combined with salt and pepper, you may not even know how much your dish needs this seasoning until you’ve used it. To select the best lemon pepper seasoning, you need to consider the quality, the price, and the durability. So what are the best lemon pepper seasoning brands? 

McCormick Perfect Pinch Lemon Pepper Seasoning, Kinder’s Organic Cracked Pepper and Lemon Seasoning, Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Lemon Pepper, Lawry’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning, Simply Organic Lemon Pepper, and a few others are excellent lemon pepper blends.

Making lemon pepper seasoning from scratch isn’t rocket science, so you can make your own blend anytime. However, you will need to do some drying, measuring, and blending, which can be time-consuming. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, I will discuss the best lemon pepper seasoning brands you can buy online to maximize your enjoyment and help you make the most of your lemon pepper seasoning. 

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McCormick Perfect Pinch Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Listed as Amazon Choice, this lemon pepper seasoning is considered to be not too flavorful but not too little either. For those of you who love a strong lemon pepper flavor that dominates the dish, this wouldn’t be the right choice, as you would have to add a lot of it to satisfy your taste buds. 

However, since many describe the flavor intensity as “just right,” you should give it a chance. I’d recommend that this blend rub the meat with it before you cook it, as it will be easily absorbed and add a fantastic flavor to the dish. 

Kinder’s Organic Cracked Pepper and Lemon Seasoning

This lemon pepper seasoning blend is advertised as organic without any artificial ingredients and will definitely satisfy your requirements taste and price-wise. Compared to other lemon pepper seasoning blends, it has a stronger and more intense flavor and aroma, but in a way that doesn’t dominate the dish but brings out the already existing flavors. 

It is perfect for roast meat, vegetables, or salads. This blend has a wide application compared to other blends of this type, which are suitable for meat but not as much for vegetables and salads. 

Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Lemon Pepper 

Happy belly indeed! The more expressed flavors in this blend are the pepper and the citrus flavors, with the lemon being more on the back burner. This lemon pepper seasoning blend is gentler than some other blends, and it has a unique citrus whiff, while the lemon is more than a bit understated. 

This blend is currently out of stock, and for a good reason, too; people order it all the time as they can’t get enough of it. 

This seasoning blend is perfect for salads and vegetables because it has a more refined taste, so if you intend on using it for meat, it may not work as well as you want it to. 

McCormick Lemon & Pepper Seasoning 

Just like the first one on this list, here we have another lemon pepper seasoning from the same brand. Advertised and customer-confirmed as kosher and vegan, this blend doesn’t contain any additions of animal origin, which is why it is very popular among many communities. 

This lemon and pepper seasoning blend specializes in seafood seasoning and meat but is also very suitable for roast vegetables and salads. You can rub the food you want to season before cooking it, or you can sprinkle this seasoning blend afterward; it works either way.

This blend is also suitable for a low-salt diet, and many salt-lovers describe it as the best solution for the salt restriction they have stumbled upon.

Lawry’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning

 Well-balanced and offering all included flavors in moderate amounts, this lemon pepper seasoning is excellent for those who love lemon zest flavored meals that are not dominated by this flavor. Of course, if you love the lemon zest flavor, you can always add more of this blend, but be warned that it can get sticky. 

Especially recommended for chicken wings, this lemon pepper seasoning blend can do an excellent job on other types of meat. It is also described as having a natural taste, and its salt amount is suitable if you watch your salt intake. 

Simply Organic Lemon Pepper

In addition to containing the basic ingredients –lemon zest and pepper, this seasoning blend also contains herbs and spices, and compared to other lemon pepper seasonings, it is stronger on the pepper side.

The taste is best described as perky and natural, and this blend is excellent for everything from poultry to seafood to tofu and other types of food you can grill or broil. However, the problem is, if you order it online, you will have to pay more than if you buy it in a store, and it is rarely available to buy it that way. 

Lawry’s Lemon Pepper 

Second, this lemon pepper seasoning blend is a more robust version of its counterpart I discussed above from the same brand on this list. Another difference between this blend and the one we discussed above is that that one goes better with grilled and roasted food, whereas this one is more suitable for baked meat. 

In addition, this blend works best with chicken, not that it would be a mistake to use it with other types of meat such as seafood or fish, but chicken is its specialty. Moreover, this lemon pepper seasoning found its way on this list as a consistently available product with a long-term audience. 

XQO Express Organic Lemon Pepper Seasoning and Rub 

This lemon and pepper seasoning blend is advertised as organic, kosher, and more aromatic and robust than most blends. It has an expressive peppery and lemony flavor with a citrus whiff. This blend is a perfect addition to a glaze and is exceptionally suitable for fish and seafood seasoning. 

On the downside, this blend has been referred to as stale leaving an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth. However, that isn’t due to the blend itself but to the way it has been stored. Still, this is something to think about before buying and using it. 

Frontier Seasoning Blends, Salt-Free Lemon Pepper

Verified and advertised as kosher and no GMO, this lemon pepper seasoning blend takes great pride in its all-natural lemon zest. The lemon flavor is indeed easily noticeable, giving this blend a fresh and almost fruity dimension. 

In addition, this blend is salt-free, which is very convenient for those who are on a no-salt diet. This product goes especially well with chicken and fish. The expressive and fresh lemon flavor makes the dish incredibly tasty as it brings out the other existing flavors. 

Another bonus is that this blend is regularly in stock and often at a reduced price. 

Trader Joe’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend

This lemon and pepper seasoning blend has a built-in grinder, meaning that the powdered seasoning is fresher and more flavorful. This blend is strong-tasting with a signature piquant whiff making your dish even more special. Of all blends on this list, this one has the wides application because it is suitable for sauces, dips, marinades, and meat and vegetables. 

However, this blend has been said to be more pepper than lemon, so if you are looking for a more lemony flavor or a balance between the lemon and the pepper flavors, you might want to think twice. Still, it offers excellent value for the money, especially since many pepper fans really dig the intense pepper flavor.

Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper Salt-Free Seasoning

Oregano is the secret ingredient in this blend. This blend is perfect for roast meat, fish, and salads, with an intense, peppery aroma intertwined with the fresh citrus note, finished with the herbal dimension of the oregano. 

This seasoning blend is most popular among those on a low-sodium diet as it acts as an excellent salt substitute, giving food flavor and edge. In addition, it has been recommended as a heart-smart option, which makes this lemon pepper blend even more popular.

Tone’s Lemon Pepper Blend 

Kosher and universal, this blend will satisfy your requests for multipurpose lemon and pepper seasoning. Regarded by the customers as a blend that goes on everything from poultry, to fries, to seafood and sauces, this seasoning shines proudly with its signature lemony and zesty flavor, giving freshness and character to the meals. 

Even though the lemon zest flavor is pretty out there with this blend, still, they have found a way to balance everything out and make the best out of the product. 

Does Store Bought Lemon Pepper Seasoning Have Salt in It?

The original lemon pepper seasoning recipe, whether store-bought or homemade, includes salt, so there are store-bought lemon pepper seasoning blends with salt in them. However, there are store-bought blends that don’t contain salt and are intended for consumers who practice low or no sodium diets. 

The lemon zest combined with the pepper piquancy is an excellent salt substitute. It does the same functions as the salt, bringing out the existing flavors and imprinting the food with the recognizable lemon and pepper flavor. Therefore the salt-free versions of the lemon and pepper seasoning blends are very popular salt replacements. 

How to Use Store-bought Lemon Pepper Seasoning?

Although it combines two very specific flavors- lemon and pepper- when combined, they tend to balance each other out, resulting in a tasty blend with a wide range of applications. 

The lemon and pepper seasoning blend is intended as a rubbing blend, meaning you season the food with it before cooking it. This blend is most suitable for roasted, broiled, and grilled food. Chicken, fish, seafood, and vegetables go excellent with lemon and pepper seasoning and depending on the lemon and pepper proportion. Lemon pepper blends are very good for salad, cheese, and marinade seasoning. 

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