Best Frozen Hash Browns You Need to Try!

Best Frozen Hashbrowns
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Hash browns are one of the most popular breakfast meals in the United States. For me, they make the best breakfast combinations. The main ingredient is nothing special — it’s just shredded potatoes. Also, if you’re buying them from the store, there’s a wide selection to choose from. But, which are the best frozen hash browns?

Ore-Ida, Cascadian Farm, Alexia, Simply Potatoes, Trader Joe’s, Mr. Dell’s, McCain, and 365 by WFM are some of the best hash browns brands. You can buy them in a local Walmart or another supermarket, or online grocery stores such as Amazon, Trader Joe’s, and H-E-B. The product comes in the form of shredded potatoes or patties and, depending on the brand, can be quite affordable.

To help you choose a type of hash browns that will make a satisfying meal, I have compiled a list of brands whose products have proven on multiple occasions to be worthy additions to my breakfast menu. So, here are the best frozen hash browns and some tips to make the most of them.

Ore-Ida Shredded Hash Brown Potatoes 

Ore-Ida Shredded Hash Brown Potatoes

Ore-Ida is one of the most popular hashbrown brands because it is flavorful and easy to prepare. You can find them on Amazon, Walmart, or at Instacart online store. 

This brand sells various hashbrown products: shredded, diced, and patties. The most popular of these Ore-Ida products are probably Shredded Hash Brown Potatoes. This product is gluten-free and, aside from potatoes, contains ingredients like sodium acid, dextrose, and pyrophosphate. 

Shredded potatoes from Ore-Ida are great as a breakfast dish and in a casserole or quiche. To prepare it, you can use a skillet, pan, or waffle maker. To prepare classic hash brown, I like to add a small amount of oil to the skillet and fry shredded potatoes until the edges become golden brown, then flip them. Once both sides are crispy and golden, your hashbrowns are ready. 

Cascadian Farm Hash Browns

Cascadian Farm Hash Browns

If you are looking for hash browns made from organic potatoes, then Cascadian Farm Hash Browns may be the product you were searching for. You can buy them at Walmart or another local store, Safeway, and Amazon.

Cascadian Farm Premium Organic Hash Browns are free of any unnatural additives, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Like most hash browns, they are labeled as ready to use. Suitable for both frying and baking, these hash browns are a great addition to a classic egg and bacon breakfast, as well as a casserole with vegetables, minced meat, or sausages.

Idaho Spuds Hash Brown Potatoes

Idaho Spuds Hash Brown Potatoes

Idaho Spuds are one of the favorite hash brown brands because they are so easy to make. Just open the package and fill the carton with hot water, let it sit for 12 minutes, drain it, and fry in the preheated skillet with a small amount of oil. The entire process will not take you more than 20 minutes. 

Aside from classic breakfast, they are a lovely addition to a variety of meals, such as hash brown quesadilla, casserole, or potato salad. You can find Idaho Spuds at Walmart, Amazon, and Costco online stores. 

Simply Potatoes Shredded Hash Browns

Simply Potatoes Shredded Hash Browns

Simply Potatoes hash browns are yet another delicious solution. These shredded potatoes are simple to prepare. Still, you may need to fry them a minute or two longer than others because they can be moist. 

Simply Potatoes offer numerous recipes in which these hash browns make a wonderful crunchy feature. So, try out egg and cheese hash brown waffles, Mexican sausage casserole, breakfast quiche, or hash brown crust pizza. 

Simply potatoes are sold at Target and H-E-B. They may be a bit more pricey in comparison to the other brands.

Dell’s Shredded Hash Browns

Mr. Dell’s Shredded Hash Browns

Mr. Dell’s is another hash brown brand worth trying out. These hash browns are made from fresh potatoes, blanched, and individually frozen. 

To prepare these hash browns, preheat the skillet with some oil and butter or margarine, and add unfrozen shredded potatoes from the bag. Fry one side for 4-5 minutes, then flip and fry for 4-5 more.

These hash browns are also a great choice because they do not contain any unnatural additives, oils, salt, or sugar. The only ingredient in the package is potato. They are available at Walmart and H-E-B stores, but you can also order them on the Instacart website.

365 by WFM Shredded Hash Browns

365 by WFM Shredded Hash Browns

Frozen hash browns from 365 by Whole Foods Market are also among the most popular brands. Unlike other frozen shredded potatoes, they are not gluten-free. However, these do not contain any salt, sugar, or artificial additives.

Prepare them with butter, olive oil, and seasoning of your choosing. If you would like to fry hash browns without butter and still achieve that rich flavor, consider using coconut butter or coconut oil.

365 by WFM Shredded Hash Browns are available at Whole Foods Market stores, but you can also order them at the WFM website or Amazon online store.   

Trader Joe’s Hash Brown Patties

Trader Joe’s Hash Brown Patties

Unlike other hash brown brands, Trader Joe’s offers hash browns in a patty. Though shredded potatoes used to be on offer, they are no longer available. 

So, if you like hash brown patties, you can purchase them in Trader Joe’s online or brick-and-mortar stores. These patties contain potatoes, vegetable oil, salt, dextrose, and citric acid.

These hash browns are fully cooked, so all you have to do is to unfreeze the patties and fry them in the skillet or bake them in the oven.

Homemade Frozen Hash Browns

In case you would rather avoid buying hash browns, you can make your own packages of frozen shredded potatoes at home. You will need russet or wax potatoes and zip-lock freezer bags.

Wash potatoes thoroughly, peel, and grate them into a bowl filled with water. Keep potatoes in the water to prevent them from oxidizing. Once you finish grating, run the dish with them under cool water and wash them until the water runs clear. Drain shredded potatoes, place them on a clean kitchen towel, and leave them on the towel until it soaks up all remaining liquid.  

Once potatoes are dry, you can either use them to prepare a delicious hash browns meal or freeze them. 

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