Best Frozen Bread Dough for Perfect Bread!

Best Frozen Bread Dough
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You can deep freeze almost anything, but frozen bread is delicious. Whether it’s raw dough or prebaked loaf, it is still particularly close to homestyle, rustic bread. You can bake it plainly, or garnish some toppings to add aroma and your own signature touch. You don’t need to get your hands dirty with sticky dough ever again, as this is a list of the Best Frozen Bread Dough. 

The best frozen bread dough for making the bread almost from scratch is either Rhodes, Kroger, or Bridgford bread dough. These come raw, but you can make anything out of them, be it a simple bread loaf or pizza. Half-baked Sister Schubert’s dinner rolls and Great Value garlic bread are faster options.

To make the frozen dough feel and smell like you spent half the day kneading it, always cover it with some butter. You can add seeds, herbs, garlic, and cheese for savory bread or prepare them as pita bread, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, and many more. Read on to catch some tips that will make your life easier and bread tastier!  

Rhodes Bread Dough 

Rhodes Bread Dough White Bread

Rhodes offers a broad spectrum of frozen bread dough, which can be costumed and served as homemade. They come in plastic bags with baking instructions on the back. As the label says, you should defrost them first, wait for them to rise, then bake them.

The instruction says they are best left overnight in the fridge to thaw, but you actually don’t have to do it. You can leave it on the counter, at room temperature, for a few hours, and they will be good to go. Plus tip is to cover the dough in plastic wrap but smear or spray it with oil to prevent sticking and stretching.

Rising time depends on how warm your kitchen is, though. You can also thaw it at a low temperature in the oven and continue with the usual preparation. When it doubles its size, it’s ready for the oven. From simple yeast dinner rolls to sweet cinnamon rolls, I will make you a little list of our favorites of this brand. Let’s dig in!

The White Bread Loaf is a simple yeast loaf, the homiest store-bought bread you could have. It’s best to bake it in a 1lb loaf pan, as it fits perfectly, so you’ll get impeccably shaped bread. Bake it by the instructions till golden and crispy crust.

For example, you can transform this simple loaf to pull apart garlic bread. The best is to make slits in the loaf when it’s halfway raised and cover it generously with the blend of butter, garlic, salt, and herbs. You will get aromatic and fluffy bread with the minimum effort. 

Surprisingly or not, you can make delicious pizza out of this bread dough. Just roll it out and top it with tomato sauce and cheese (or anything you want, actually). It is also suitable for making finger foods, like garlic-cheese pastries or meat and vegetables hot pockets. Yum!

Dinner Rolls are as tasty as the loaf, but you can turn them into a whole lot of different pastries. Baking is simple — just follow the instructions if you want fresh bread for lunch. You can bake them in a baking pan as a pull-apart roll or on the baking sheet as a single roll. But you can think out of the box, too.

Rhodes Bread Dough Dinner Rolls

Defrost the buns and let them rise, then deep fry them as doughnuts or bake them as kaiser burger buns. You will save so much time on the way, and it will be hard to tell if you made it from scratch. Whether you want it for a dessert, dust it generously with confection sugar and fill it with jam or Nutella, or fill it with a burger patty, salad, and sauce for a fast food-at-home experience. 

Kroger Bread Dough

Kroger Bread Dough

Kroger offers the same dough as Rhodes, as everything written above applies here, too. Defrosting, baking, and serving instructions are quite similar, if not identical. Here, I will give you a few more ideas on how to upgrade basic bread dough.

You can roll out dinner roll dough into circles, arrange it on a baking tray, bring the oven to 400 F, and you’ll get pita bread. You can also put the bread dough in a larger baking dish to make a focaccia. For a delish meal, top it generously with extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Bridgford Ready-Dough 

Bridgford Ready-Dough

This is one more similar product, but this time by the Bridgford brand. This dough allows defrosting in the microwave, too. Just set it on low and microwave for about two to four minutes. You can bake it as bread or use it as the dough for cinnamon rolls, fried puff pastries, or even hot dog rolls. 

Sister Schubert’s Parker House Style Yeast Rolls

Sister Schubert’s Parker House Style Yeast Rolls

Sister Schubert’s Parker House Style Yeast Rolls are bakery-worthy pastries. You can bake them as traditional-style rolls, just don’t forget to cover them in foil for a softer texture. They need about 20 minutes to be ready, which is pretty quick, you must admit.

If you want them pillowy and lightweight, thaw them first and then bake them covered with foil. Those are a fine addition to a holiday or big dinner table, as you can serve them as homemade efficiently. Besides washing them in butter and herbs, you can roll them out to make all kinds of finger foods, like pizza pockets which kids adore.


Garlic Herb Butter With Dried Herbs

Sister Schubert’s Dinner Yeast Rolls are a variety that comes pre-cooked, so they are an excellent option when in a hurry. They, in fact, don’t need time for rising or defrosting. You just need to arrange them on the baking sheet and toss them in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the instructions. They are air fryer friendly and soft, too!

It’s good to brush Sister Schubert’s rolls with butter or egg yolk for a nice golden-brown color. The butter will elevate its taste, of course. They are perfect as an addition to hot soup or vegetable pottage and a slice of fresh and warm bread to spread jam and butter on. 

Great Value Frozen Garlic Bread

Great Value Frozen Garlic Bread

Great Value offers superb garlic bread washed in butter and herbs. It will be ready in a heartbeat, as you can bake it straight from the freezer. It goes along with any dish, especially Italian style. Bake it till brownish for a crispy crust, or top it with shredded mozzarella for a touch of gooeyness. 


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