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21 Best French Candies You Need to Try

best french candy
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France is popular for the croissants and for the great cheese, pastry and wine; therefore, many people tend to buy French products just to sense a little bit of French deliciousness. However, wine and croissants are not the only things that the French can make great, but there are also candies that are characterized by astonishing taste. So, what are the best French candies you need to try?

This article mainly focuses on the types of candies from France that everyone needs to try. I tried to narrow down the list, so you can only see the best of the best. The list will help you decide what will suit your taste, so you will make your choice easily.

List of the Best French Candies 

France has a lot to offer, including various kinds of candies and sweets, so sometimes it could be difficult to pick only one. Therefore, I have created the list of the best and the most popular French candies, meaning you will have the chance to read everything about the sweets before you make the purchase. This way, you will definitely know what to expect once you decide on a particular package of French candy. 

French Almond Dragees 

You simply cannot miss out on the French dragees since they are the most popular fresh mint types from France. 

French dragees are widely popular because they are served on most special occasions, such as weddings, baptisms, and communions. Therefore, if you want to follow the French tradition when you try particular candy, then you should opt for the French Almond Dragees by Dragees Pecou. 


If you are a chocolate lover, French Truffles will be your favorite candy. It is basically chocolate ganache rolled in cocoa powder. They are so soft and creamy that will easily melt in your mouth. Enough said.

Carambar Caramel 

You cannot go to France without trying the French Carambar. This candy can be only found in France, and it would be a pity not to try it. It is a long caramel candy that comes in yellow wrapping paper, and its size and package are widely recognized. The French Carambar Caramel can be also a great souvenir, so your close ones can experience a tiny bit of France as well. 

Black Tie Mercantile Eiffel Apple Bon Bons 

Eiffel Apple Bon Bons is a fantastic choice for those who enjoy chewy candies with apple flavors. Children enjoy them due to their color and flavor, but they are also popular among adults. If you want to try something funky, then you should opt for these green festivities. 

Gavotetes Crispy Crêpes

France has its own version of pancakes and they are called crêpes. They are very thin, and when you spread your favorite spread on them, you just need to roll them. French people love their crêpes so much, that they even made a candy called crêpe biscuits.

Gavottes offer you crispy crêpes biscuits covered in milk chocolate. So, if you like cookies with chocolate, these candies will be your favorite snack!

Milk Chocolate Crispy Crêpes

If you think that Gavottes don’t give enough chocolate in their crispy crêpes and that you will need more, Paskesz has the good news. They made crêpe candies filled with chocolate! Something that will remind you of Ferrero Rocher.

Lutti Arlequin Sour Candies 

If your palate craves more sour tastes, then the French Arlequin Sour Candies will be the perfect pick for you. These candies will include a little bit of festivity in your life and will make a difference in your mouth from all the sweet and salty things you ingest daily. Do not miss out on a chance to try some new and fun flavors. 

Pierrot Gourmand Salted Caramel Lollipops 

The Pierrot Gourmand Salter Caramel Lollipops are the most adored candies among the French people and the reason for this is quite obvious. They are the blend of traditional and contemporary, i.e. they represent France in a unique way. The delicious caramel flavor combined with fancy wrappings is the best treat you can provide for yourself or someone close to you.

Krema Regal’ad Candy

Regal’ad Candy by Krema is the perfect French candy you can pick out for yourself when you are craving candies with different kinds of fruity flavors. These candies are not only sweet but also very colorful, meaning you will add some delicious vibrancy to your palate. 

La Pie Qui Chante Michoko 

Michoko by La Pie Qui Chante is the perfect type of candy that you need from France. These candies come with a milk chocolate flavor, and they are ideal as a snack or treat at any time of the day. French people are famous for their milk chocolate treats, and once you try Michoko you will understand the reason behind this. 

La Vosgienne Pine Drops 

La Vosgienne Pine Drops are one more option for minty candy when you want some refreshment for your throat. They are amazing at any time of the day, and they will definitely satisfy your craving for something sweet. La Vosgienne Pine Drops are the absolute choices for those who do not want very sweet tastes, and who want only natural flavors in their candy. 

L’Abeille Occitane Honey Pearls Candy

Honey and lavender is the most amazing combination that can be included in candy, and of course, the French have made that happen. The L’Abeille Occitane Honey Pearls are gourmet hard candies with liquid centers filled with amazing honey and lavender flavors and are some of the most popular candies in France and many parts of the world. What is more, these candies do not contain only sweetness, but they also carry some nutritional value.

Krema Batna Licorice Candy

If you are up for some chewy licorice candy, then you should probably opt for Krema Batna Candies. People who enjoy licorice will definitely fall in love with the flavors of these French candies. If you belong to this group of people do not miss out on the chance to try something really sweet and delicious. 

Cambrai Bêtises 

Bêtises de Cambrai is the candies you cannot miss out on the list. They are one of the most popular regional treats that come with a remarkable taste, and they are adored by both locals and foreigners. That being said, make sure that if you visit France, you try to obtain some of these sweet candies for yourself. 

L’ Envie en Rose Pur Sucre de Canne

If you want to try something different, I suggest trying L’ Envie en Rose. These are the unique French candies shaped like roses. They are naturally colored with different fruit types. They are beautiful gift idea because of nice packaging.

Another way to use them is as decoration on the cupcakes or cakes.

Les Anis De Flavigny Hard Candy 

If you intend to try French candy, you should start with Les Anis de Flavigny since these candies will certainly make you feel that you are in France. These tiny candies are made of flavored sugar coating over the anise seed. You can choose among different flavors, such as mint, licorice, orange, and rose. 

French Burnt Peanuts

This is probably something you have never heard of: peanuts in the burnt hard shell. It is basically a delicious peanut candy that looks so interesting that everyone will ask about them.

Even though they look spicy, they are not. The taste is actually mild and perfect for all ages.

They come in the old-fashioned retro packaging that will be great for big family gatherings.

Maxim’s de Paris French Fruit Jellies

Maxim’s de Paris French Fruit Jellies are famous French jelly candies. They come in interesting packaging, so if you are looking for a present for some France-enthusiast, you won’t make a mistake if you choose these candies.

Michel et Augustin Gourmet Cookie Squares

France has its own version of the thumbprint cookies, and you can thank Michel at Augustin company for that. They made square-shaped cookies filled with caramel and decadent chocolate ganache. You can buy the whole box of these cookies that are individually wrapped and share them with your loved ones.

Marrons Glaces Glazed Chestnuts 

You might have tried glazed chestnuts before, but if they have not been French, then be prepared to be amazed. The Marrons Glaces are some of the most delicious glazed chestnuts that will bring the taste of France really close to you. They have the perfect balance in sweetness, so do not worry if you are not a fan of significantly sweet candies. 

Maxim’s Jellies

If you can’t decide which one to try, or you just want to try more of them, opt for this box of Maxim’s jellies.

What Is the Most Popular Candy in France? 

The most popular type of candy in France is the Carambar. This is a caramel-flavored candy that is even taken as a souvenir from France, and you can rarely find a similar type of sweet somewhere else in the world.

What Sweets Is France Famous For? 

Besides the Carambar, France is also famous for the salted caramels and French dragees. Dragees are used on many special occasions, such as weddings and communions. If you go to France, there is a high chance that you will be offered a salted caramel, or see the French dragees as a decoration on a coffee table. 

As you can see, there are many types of French candies you can choose, and they are suitable for every taste. Be prepared to fall in love with any kind of French candy you decide to try since all of them taste heavenly and irresistible. 

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