Best Bread for Tuna Sandwich [8 Ideas]

Best Bread for Tuna Sandwich
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A tuna sandwich is the king of simplicity. So easy and versatile, it is done in under a minute, only to be remembered for a long time. Bread is an essential part of the tuna sandwich, so selecting the right type of bread is crucial to maximizing your experience. So, what is the best bread for a tuna sandwich? 

Focaccia, sourdough, cottage bread, wheat bread, ciabatta, French bread, burger buns, and excellent types of bread for a tuna sandwich.

For a good tuna sandwich, you need good carrier bread. The tuna filling is heavy, and it needs a stable base to carry it so that it doesn’t fall apart in your hands. In the following paragraphs, I will give you some ideas on which types of bread to choose for your tuna sandwich. 


Foccacia bread is an excellent sandwich bread. It is thin but very stable and absolutely delicious. It has an elastic crust, so it doesn’t crumble when you press your sandwich to bite it, but it holds everything together very snugly. 

The interior of the focaccia bread is soft and not too absorbent, so your cold tuna sandwich won’t get overly soggy and wet. Therefore, your focaccia bread cold tuna sandwich will be juicy enough without falling apart. 

The only downside of focaccia bread is that it is time-consuming to make it, though the making process is very easy and simple. However, focaccia bread is available at the supermarket and is just as delicious as homemade.


A cold tuna sandwich on sourdough bread is a real treat. Soft and cotton-like on the inside and firm and protective on the outside, sourdough bread is one of the best bread options for a cold tuna sandwich. Although it takes over 12 hours to make, sourdough bread is worth the effort. 

It has a thick interior and is an excellent carrier bread, absorbing the tuna filling juices without getting soggy. However, the downside is the crust, as it is dry and crumbly. Luckily, the sourdough bread crust is firmly stuck to the layer underneath, so even though it tends to crumble, your sandwich won’t fall apart and will remain in one piece. 

Taste-wise, sourdough bread is one of the most delicious and aromatic types of bread, and the taste is very compatible with the tuna filling flavor, so it will further enrich your experience.


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Wheat Bread

Although wheat bread is not very popular among those who want to eat healthily, it is nevertheless an excellent sandwich bread. It is flexible, stable, and delicious, though it isn’t very nutritious. 

Its crust is very flavorful and aromatic, and depending on the baking time, it varies in thickness. This bread’s crust can also be crumbly but not too much, and it is also firmly stuck to the rest of the bread, so your old tuna sandwich won’t fall apart. 

Best Bread for Tuna Sandwich

Cottage Bread

Cottage bread is a type of white bread made with wheat flour, water, and yeast, and it is a classic bread with an expressive yeast flavor. You can easily make it at home; you just go and get it ready-made. 

Cottage bread is an excellent sandwich, as it has a very soft interior and a medium-hard crust. If you make it at home, you must eat it the same day, as it hardens very quickly since it doesn’t contain additives. The store-bought version is more durable. 

The crust is flexible but a little crumbly, so prepare to have crust crumbs on your lap. Nevertheless, it is a good carrier bread and will keep your tuna filling safe and sound. However, it tends to get soggier than most of the bread on this list, but it doesn’t go over the limit, so you will have a juicier tuna sandwich, but not overly moist. 


If you like experimenting with flavors and are into mixing sweet and milky with sour and fishy, Brioche bread is the perfect bread for your cold tuna sandwich. It is a very rich bread and an exceptionally flavorful one. However, it isn’t a classic bread, smelling and tasting like flour and yeast, but it is more of a dessert bread. 

Nevertheless, Brioche has made a name as a sandwich bread because it is flexible, soft, and moderately absorbent. Even though it seems very fragile, Brioche is a spongy bread, and it isn’t overly absorbent, so it won’t get soggy when you add the tuna filling. 


Ciabatta bread is an excellent sandwich and a great base for filling tuna. It is very flavorful, with a perfect crust that is neither too hard nor too soft and spongy and a rich interior that absorbs just enough juice to make the sandwich juicy but not soggy. 

However, more often than not, the ciabatta bread has a rather thick crust, so you may want to slice it thinner to make your biting easier. 

French Bread 

Soft, gentle, firm, and stable, French bread is an excellent carrier bread and a great shelter for your tuna filling. It has a soft crust which makes the biting easy and keeps the tuna filling from falling out. 

The interior is spongy and soft, moderately absorbent, and incredibly rich. It is a sophisticated bread and ideal support for a tuna filling. 

Burger Buns 

Burger buns are a well-known sandwich option. There is no filling that burger buns can’t support, and your tuna filling will be snug as a bug inside two soft and delicious burger buns. Moreover, they are often covered in sesame seeds that give your cold tuna sandwich additional charm.

Best Bread for Tuna Sandwich

Best Bread for Tuna Melt

Tuna melt requires a bit firmer carrier bread than a tuna sandwich, and tuna melt is often smeared on the surface of the bread rather than used as a sandwich filling. Therefore, you need denser and thicker bread than a cold tuna sandwich for a tuna melt. 

Multigrain Bread

Multigrain bread is an excellent tuna melt bread as it is firm, stable, absorbent, and delicious. It is softer and more flexible than rye bread and retains some softness even when toasted. 

The tuna melt juices soak up the bread, making it juicy but stable enough not to fall apart. Your tuna melt won’t slide off of your multigrain bread either, so feel free to make tuna melt canapes for a fancier appearance. 

Rye Bread

Rye bread is always an excellent idea for a tuna melt as it is very firm and very little absorbent, which is just what you want for a tuna melt. You can also toast your rye bread slice and turn it into a crispy tuna melt carrier. 

Rye bread is also very flavorful and, often, has a slightly bitter flavor, which further enhances the tuna melt flavors. 

Best Bread for Tuna Sandwich

Pumpernickel Bread

Pumpernickel bread is crumbly, but it is also moist enough to retain shape. It is better to use it for tuna melt sandwiches than to smear the tuna melt onto a piece of pumpernickel bread. 

When you use two slices of pumpernickel bread to hold the tuna melt in between, they help each other and give you a nice stable sandwich. Smearing a layer of tuna melts on a piece of pumpernickel bread may be too much for your bread to handle, it the tuna melt will likely slide down. 


Bagels are excellent tuna melt bread. They are spongy and delicious, with a thin and flexible crust, and they make great tuna melt sandwiches. You can also cut a bagel in half and smear it with tuna melt without covering it with the other half. 

Toasted bagels are also a great way to make tuna melt sandwiches, as they become even firmer and better suited to carry the tuna melt. 

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