Beef Bacon vs. Pork Bacon: Differences & Which Is Better?

beef bacon vs pork bacon

Bacon is one of the most wanted breakfast foods worldwide, especially in America. Regularly, bacon is made of pork meat. However, bacon can be made of different kinds of meat, such as beef. So, what are the differences between beef bacon and pork bacon, and is the former better than the latter?

Beef bacon is bacon made of beef belly meat, and it is prepared in a similar way to pork bacon. Therefore, the production includes curing, drying, smoking, and thinning of the beef meat. Beef bacon is darker in color and has a stronger taste. Also, beef is considered safer than pork due to lower cholesterol levels.

If you have come across this article, you probably enjoy bacon regularly. However, you might want to do some variations and opt for some changes. 

In this article, I have explained the notions of beef bacon and pork bacon, so you would understand what is going on between these two bacon types. In addition, I have discussed their similarities and differences, so you would be able to choose which one is more suitable for you. 

What Is Beef Bacon? 

Beef bacon is a variation of regular, pork bacon. So, when someone mentions bacon, you do not even think about different meat other than pork. But, nowadays, it has become common for bacon to be made of different meat types. 

This means that if you enjoy bacon regularly, you should try some variations, such as beef bacon, because they could turn out really delicious. 

To get a clear image of what beef bacon is, I should explain in detail what this type of bacon is all about. Firstly, as the name suggests, instead of pork, this bacon is made of beef. In addition, the process of production of beef bacon is quite similar to the one of pork bacon. 

Therefore, this process includes smoking and slicing the beef belly. Namely, some people claim that it is more delicious than pork bacon since it includes cuts that contain more fat cut sliced from the belly of a cow. 

Many people who have tried beef bacon have stated that this type of bacon is characterized by a unique, slightly bitter taste. 

Beef bacon is considered a revolutionary product on the market, and many people enjoy changes. The beef bacon is proof that everything can be modified, so it would not get boring after some time. If you are a person who enjoys eating bacon daily, a little bit of diversity in meat would come as a good change for you. 

What Is Pork Bacon? 

Pork bacon is what everyone refers to when the word “bacon” is mentioned. Namely, bacon was first invented using pork meat. So, when you talk about this type of food, you usually refer to the one made of pork. This means that having the option to choose pork bacon is not so surprising, while types, such as beef or turkey bacon, would raise some questions. 

So, this kind of bacon is made with smoked and thinned-out pork belly meat – the same procedure that I explained before with beef bacon. 

It is something that you can regularly get in almost every restaurant worldwide, and it is usually served during breakfast in many households. When served raw, it is soft, and a little bit chewy. And, when baked, it is characterized by amazing crispiness.

On the other hand, it is considered a really unhealthy meal option.

However, although it is regarded as a non-safe eating option, pork bacon is still known for its delicious, juicy, and salty taste and flavors. 

Those who adore bacon can hardly say no to this dish, even though they are aware of the unhealthy features that come with it. In fact, because of the dangerous effects that might be caused by pork bacon, people tend to produce some variations that encompass meat that is considered safer.

Beef Bacon vs. Pork Bacon: Differences 

When you put these two types of bacon on a plate, you might not see any noticeable differences, i.e. you will not be able to say at once that two different kinds of bacon are in question. 

To make things easier for you, I have compared beef bacon and pork bacon in terms of appearance, nutrition, taste, and healthy properties, so you can decide which one is more suitable for you. 


As I mentioned previously, in terms of appearance, these two types of bacon do not include any significant differences. They are prepared similarly, so it is logical that they will turn out looking quite the same. However, if you pay close attention, you might be able to distinguish them without taking a bite. 

Namely, beef bacon is thicker and heavier than pork bacon, and there is a slight difference in color. In fact, beef bacon is a little bit darker than pork bacon. This doesn’t come as surprise since the raw beef is darker than raw pork meat. 

beef bacon vs pork bacon


Regarding nutrition values, beef bacon and pork bacon come with many differences. This is because different animals carry different nutrients. If you pay attention to these things in your diet, then you will like to know what you will intake when eating one of these types of bacon. 

Therefore, beef meat is known to be a great source of zinc, vitamin B12, selenium and iron. 

Pork doesn’t have that much iron, but it is rich in thiamine, aka vitamin B1. Its main role is to grow and develop cells. [1]

However, there is a big similarity between beef bacon and pork bacon. Both are high in calories.

When you look at these two cuts of meat, you will see a big layer of fat. Yes, we all love the bacon’s crispiness, but it wouldn’t be there if pork belly meat didn’t have 15 g of fat in 1 oz—similarly, beef has 16 g, which is a lot.

Usually, meat is considered a main source of protein. But this is not the case with belly meat. For instance, you will find 24 grams in one serving of pork loin, while only 10 grams of protein in the pork belly. [2]


Both beef bacon and pork bacon are prepared in the same way, so that is why they give off similar tastes and flavors. However, their flavors still have some unique notes that make them distinguishable. 

Therefore, you can taste the more intense and salty flavors when eating beef bacon. 

On the other hand, you can taste a balance between salty and smoky flavors when eating pork bacon. 

No matter how you cook them or combine them in meals, these types of bacon will always retain their unique flavors. 

Healthy Properties 

The beneficial properties that come with these types of bacon are the main reason why there are several types of bacon today made from different meat. 

Since every type of bacon is marinated in high amounts of salt, bacon is high in sodium. In addition, both pork and beef contain cholesterols. These are the main causes of heart diseases, blood pressure and stomach cancer. [3]

Nonetheless, in beef bacon, cholesterol levels are lower than those in pork bacon. In other words, if you are choosing between two, you should opt for the one that is “less evil”. 

Belly meat is cheaper than other meat cuts, but is it worth it when you think of its downsides?

Beef Bacon vs. Pork Bacon: Which Is Better? 

Some people care more about the taste than the nutritional values or the nutritional properties, so they would go for the one that tastes better for them.

Also, some people are accustomed to the traditional pork bacon, and they would never go for any alternatives. Some people just like to try different flavors, so they would like to switch the types of meat to bacon. Therefore, it would be difficult to determine which is better when it comes to personal taste.  

On the other hand, if you consider all the features, beef bacon would be the better choice. Since it is the “less dangerous” type of bacon, it would be recommended that you go for this one. 

What Bacon Is the Healthiest? 

Uncured bacon is considered the healthiest type of bacon. This is because uncured bacon does not contain sodium nitrate, which is usually used to color the bacon and preserve its properties. Therefore, if you are looking for healthy bacon, go for the one that has not been cured in the production process.

There are significant differences between beef bacon and pork bacon, even though they are not visible at first sight. It is a fact that both of them are delicious, but sometimes you will have to choose considering the healthy properties they contain. 

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