Awesome Graduation Party Food Table Ideas

graduation party food table ideas
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Graduation parties simply hit differently! The best of fun comes after getting through high school or college. After years of studying, it’s a NEED to have a big party to celebrate all your accomplishments. Here are a bunch of ideas to make an awesome graduation party food table – just incorporate banners and flags of your school and you’re good to go!

Sweet and Savory

This table is a perfect balance between sweet and savory bites. You have it all – salad, sliders, mezze, shrimp, veggies, fruit, chocolate… I wouldn’t mind being invited to this party!

IMG 6983

Sandwich Heaven

There are at least 7 sandwich options at this table and I love it! Paninis, burgers, croissants, pinwheels – you name it! There is something for everyone!

IMG 6984

Elegant and Assorted

This spread is top-notch! You have little desserts, mini burgers, pasta salad cups, falafel, and many more. Everything is bite-size which makes it perfect for mingling at a party.

IMG 6985


This is such a diverse table setup! From classic burgers, over charcuterie boards, to empanadas, seafood, and quinoa salads. But the best part is the desserts in glasses!

IMG 6986

Pasta and Chicken

This is KFC heaven! Super crispy chicken tenders with dipping sauces are my favorite part of this table. But, a huge bowl of pasta has my heart, though!

IMG 6987


If you’re having a breakfast/brunch graduation party, this combination is ideal for you! Egg and tuna sandwiches are classics, but pancake spread is the best.

IMG 6988

Banquet Vibes

This is a huge table setup that can feed a lot of people! This is a carb heaven and will definitely have your guests leave full and happy.

IMG 6989

Appetizers and Desserts

Naturally, my eyes are immediately drawn to the dessert setup – I love cakes in cups! These are exquisite options to enjoy with champagne or a glass of good wine. 

IMG 6990

Rainbow Food

Colorful food tastes so much better! Eyes truly eat first. I love to see a big bowl of fruit salad, somehow it always tastes better when someone else makes it! And look at that bagel display!

IMG 6991

Board Party

It is interesting to see different boards at one table. You have veggies and dips, cheese, fruit, pizza, chicken, and more! This is a great idea for big parties, as everyone can bring a special one and no one needs to spend 3 days in the kitchen!

IMG 6992

Snack Table

This snack table is the best idea for a little grad party in school. There are no party food classics, but rather healthier options – veggies, fruit, cheeses, and deli!

IMG 6993

Bougie Burger

There are so many different mini-burger options here! They are baked to perfection, so they look like from a food magazine cover. Also, salad served in these tiny bowls is fab!  

IMG 6994

Dear creators and caterers, thank you so much for sharing your party table setups with us!

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