Awesome Food Table Set-Up Ideas for Kids

food table set up ideas for kids
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Welcome to the land of yum and fun, where food and imagination come together to create the ultimate kids-approved feasts! If you’re planning a party, a playdate, or just a special mealtime for your little ones, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 24 awesome food table set-up ideas for kids!

Pastel Wonderland

A sugar-coated extravaganza is sure to make the kids’ table unforgettable! How beautiful is this set-up—a macaron tower, whimsical cake pops, and a jar filled with candy?

IMG 7353

Grazing Table

This grazing table is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters! An assortment of sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, and sweets is everything you need!

IMG 7352

Dino Land

If you fancy being a bit extra, this dinosaur-inspired candy bar setup is for you! This is a T-rex heaven for kids—donuts, cake pops, cupcakes, cookies… what more can you ask for?

IMG 7351

Bite Bash Platter

I promise, kids will demolish this platter! Everything is mini—chicken waffle sandwiches, grilled cheese, burritos…this is the ultimate savory feat!

IMG 7341

The Chicken-Tastic Feast

Mini chicken burgers, drums, and tenders on one platter are everything you need to keep all the kids glued for the table! Dips on the side are *chef’s kiss*, too!

IMG 7342

The Tiny Sandwich Spectacular

Simple yet delish, little foodies will adore this mini sandwich platter. Pack tiny burger buns with everything your kids like—chicken, tuna, ham, or cheese—and they will be a hit!

IMG 7343

Cinema Candy

These cinema candy cups are perfect to serve at a slumber party! They are pre-portioned, which is a fantastic idea if you don’t want a bunch of kids running on sugar at midnight!

IMG 7348

Hotel Vibes Grazing Table

Here, you have it all—pancakes, cupcakes, gummies, fruits, and a sandwich-building station! I think the kids will love this, especially because it is self-serve.

IMG 7336

Simple Grazing Table

This grazing table has no special decorations or setups, but it is AMAZING! It is packed with all the kid’s favorites: sandwiches, chicken tenders, crackers, pizza slices, candy, and some sliced fruits and veggies.

IMG 7337

Disney Party

If you ever want to make something as simple as watching Disney cartoons an event, this one is for you! Prepare this magical, fairy-like tea party with candy, popcorn, and salties. The kids will adore it!

IMG 7340

Kids Corner

When you’re having a big party, save a corner for setting up some food for the kids. Arrange sliced pastries, tiny charcuterie cups, candy, fruit, and cloud-shaped sandwiches.

IMG 7338

Flower Party

This girly setup is perfect for celebrating the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer holidays! Also, it can be an awesome project with your kids to make these decorations out of paper!

IMG 7328 1

Fruit Rainbow

Sometimes, kids refuse to eat anything that is good for their health, so you need to go above and beyond to make them love fresh fruits and veggies. Arranging them in a rainbow with a few edible flowers will certainly solve those problems!

IMG 7329

Breakfast Platter

The breakfast after a slumber party just hits differently! A huge platter of sausages, fresh fruit, mini pancakes, chocolate, and other toppings is the right choice for the toughest crowd—kids.

IMG 7330

Party Platter

This colorful, vibrant platter has it all – from candy over fruits and veggies to chicken nuggets and sandwiches! You will need some time to shape and cut everything, but it is worth it.

IMG 7331

Snowman Platter

This is such a fun and easy way to share the holiday spirit with your kids. It is a platter for the whole family, packed with good cheeses, crackers, fruits, carrots, and, of course, some candy. 

IMG 7332

Santa Veggie Tray

Vegetables never looked this good! How amazing is this idea?! Make a Santa’s face with a plate of hummus, a beard out of fresh cauliflower, and a hat out of red bell pepper. Pack the sides with other goodies and watch the kids devour it!

IMG 7333

Santa Deli

If you have kids with sophisticated palates, make them this cheese and deli platter in the shape of Santa. Choose any kind you prefer, from salami and prosciutto to mozzarella and aged cheddar. Don’t forget some grapes on the side!

IMG 7334

Pinks and Flowers

Girly and whimsical, this candy bar will leave you speechless. Cookies, cake pops, and donuts – dasy pattern is my childhood dream.

IMG 7344

The Ultimate Candy Bar

Step right up, candy lovers! Dive into a world of colorful, sugary delights and create an unforgettable candy adventure. Go for cheesecake in cups, mini pies, macarons, sandwich cookies -YUM!

IMG 7345

Candy Take Away

I’m not a kid, but I’d lose my mind if I saw something like this at a party. An assortment of gummies, sour candy, and lolly pops is out of this world!

IMG 7346

The Candy Cart

This is the coolest yet the simplest candy bar to set up. If you don’t have a cart, just arrange large jars, bowls, and jugs on the table, fill them with your kids’ favorite candy, and call it a day!

IMG 7347

Candy Wall

If you are super extra, incorporate a candy wall into your party! Of course, you will need to get your hands on these dispensers, but playing shop with them would be immaculate! 

IMG 7349

Feast for Kids

If there is a whole army of kids coming to your house, this is just the right table set-up to feed them all. The table is lower than the regular ones, so it is easy-to-reach for little ones! Amazing idea, right?

IMG 7354

Dear creators, thank you for sharing your terrific ideas and culinary expertise!

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