Are Chicken Pot Pies Healthy? How to Make Them Healthier?

Are Chicken Pot Pies Healthy
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Chicken pot pie is a variety of pot pies, which can also be made with pork, lamb, or beef. Considering that a pot pie combines all food categories, such as protein, fats, fiber, and carbs, chicken pot pie isn’t necessarily a healthy dish. So, are chicken pot pies healthy, and how to make them healthier?

Chicken pot pie can be healthy because it contains ingredients that are full of protein, as well as vegetables that also have healthy benefits, like vitamins. However, it can be unhealthy because of fatty ingredients and a big number of carbohydrates. But, it is a very versatile dish that can be made with all healthy ingredients.

Chicken pot pie is my favorite of all pot pies since it isn’t as fatty as a pork pot pie. Considering all of its ingredients, I prefer to have it in moderation, so it isn’t frequently on my meal list. In the following paragraphs, I will share information on how healthy is a chicken pot pie, what you can do to make it healthier, and is it good for weight loss.  

Why Are Chicken Pot Pies Healthy?

Traditionally, chicken pot pies contain chicken, crust, butter, cream, vegetables, eggs, and salt. They are a mixture of all the food groups and make a nice, exciting and rich meal. Although you cannot describe chicken pot pie as either healthy or unhealthy, the dish does contain some nutritional elements

First of all, it contains chicken, which is lean meat. Compared to pork or lamb pot pie, chicken pot pie is much leaner because of the chicken. 

Secondly, it contains vegetables, meaning that it contains fiber and vitamins. Granted, the vegetables are cooked and not fresh, but still, they have retained some of their nutritional benefits. 

Thirdly, chicken pot pie contains eggs and cream, meaning that it includes animal-derived protein, which, combined with the protein from the chicken, gives the entire dish a significant protein amount. 

And lastly, the crust is thin, so it doesn’t contain a large number of carbohydrates. The carb content of the chicken pot pie is just enough to give you the energy you need without overloading you. 

Is Chicken Pot Pie Good for Weight Loss?

Again, this isn’t a simple “yes/no” question, as there are a few things you need to consider. If you are on a low-carb diet, chicken pot pie could work, but not very well, as it contains carbs in the crust, and you should watch the amount you consume. Suppose you are on a no-carb diet, such as Keto, then definitely not, as carbs are not a part of that food regimen. 

The traditional chicken pot pie recipe contains a lot of fats and a high amount of calories, so this type of chicken pot pie isn’t generally recommended for weight loss. [1]

Luckily, as I already mentioned, chicken pot pie is very adaptable, and you can make a variation that would be suitable if you want to lose weight. 

The carbs aren’t that big of a problem, but the fats and the calories are. So to make a chicken pot pie, if you are on a weight loss journey, you should substitute the cream and butter with lighter ingredients, such as low-fat cream and butter. 

There are also vegan chicken pot pie varieties, so you can even substitute the chicken for another ingredient, most commonly mushrooms or soy. 

You can also decrease the number of carbs in the crust by making it with low-carb flour or buying an already made low-carb crust. 

In general, while the traditional chicken pot pie might not be the perfect weight loss solution, its varieties can work perfectly according to your needs and preferences. 

Why Are Chicken Pot Pies Considered Unhealthy?

Because of the considerable amount of fats, chicken pot pie might not be the healthiest choice. The fats it contains are trans fats, which, although edible, can increase the risk of heart disease. However, moderate consumption of chicken pot pie won’t harm you in any way, so as long as you have it once every few weeks, everything will be fine. [2]

If you are a big chicken pot pie fan, it is best to find a healthier substitute for the butter and cream, but even then, you should overdo it, as the carbs and calories will take a toll on your figure and health. 

Are Chicken Pot Pies Healthy

Are Frozen Chicken Pot Pies Healthy?

Although very handy and practical, frozen chicken pot pies aren’t the best choice for your health. Since the fats and carbs are frozen together, the crust absorbs the fats, decreasing its texture and flavor quality. 

Another thing is that the protein value significantly decreases, but the fat and calorie amount increases because all the ingredients are frozen together. The same ingredients would retain most of their original content if frozen separately, but they damage each other’s consistency and nutritional value when frozen together.

So, in summation, frozen chicken pot pie isn’t a good choice neither for your taste buds nor your health. Going with a fresh pie is always better, whether homemade or store-bought.

How to Make Chicken Pot Pie Heathier?

The biggest problem with chicken pot pies is their fat and calorie amounts when it comes to health. So to make a chicken pot pie healthier, you just need to decrease the calorie and fat content. 

One way to make your chicken pot pie healthier is to make it vegan. Nowadays, there’s a substitute for everything that won’t change the flavor much, but it will make a huge difference nutrition-wise. Instead of cream, go with dairy-free milk and flaxseed egg instead of regular eggs and mushrooms or soy instead of the meat. 

To replace the butter, go with vegan butter, and your chicken pot pie will be a delicious and healthy meal. 

Another option is to put the chicken broth and non-dairy milk instead of cream and butter. It will taste very good, and you won’t have to worry about fats and calories. 

To cut down on the carbs, use the crust only to top the chicken pot pie, significantly decreasing the number of carbohydrates. Also, instead of whole wheat flour, use white flour. 

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