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All Hamburger Helper Flavors You Need to Try!

All Hamburger Helper Flavors You Need to Try
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Hamburger Helper has become an essential staple in my life and kitchen. When it first appeared, everyone had that one go-to flavor they always stocked in their pantry and would make on those nights when they didn’t feel like going out with dinner. But times have changed, and so have the options! There are now numerous delicious flavors of Hamburger Helper to choose from, each promising a unique take on this classic dish. And I love them all! So, I know that whether you’re looking for cheesy goodness or something a bit more spicy, there’s a Hamburger Helper out there for you!

In this article, I’m breaking down those Hamburger Helper varieties you shouldn’t miss on trying. From the classics to the limited editions, here is everything you need to know about the newest Hamburger Helper varieties.


Hamburger Helper Stroganoff

I’m sure you’re curious to know what people have to say about the various Hamburger Helper varieties out there. I have found that the opinion on the different flavors varies, but one of the most popular ones is definitely Stroganoff.

So, when it comes to classic Hamburger Helper flavors, you can’t go wrong with Stroganoff. It’s a favorite among many, and it’s easy to understand why. This particular flavor is a delicious combination of beef, mushrooms, onions, and a creamy gravy-like sauce – the perfect comfort food for those cold winter months.

How do others rate this flavor? Most reviews of the Stroganoff Hamburger Helper are overwhelmingly positive, citing how quickly it comes together and how flavorful it is. And if you ask me, this is well deserved!

Lastly, you can also opt for Potatoes Stroganoff and enjoy the taste mix of your favorite veggies and many exciting and delicious spices and herbs.

Lasagna & Four Cheese Lasagna

Hamburger Helper Lasagna

The Lasagna flavor should have been one of the better flavors on the list, but for some, it actually ends up being one of many not-so-favorites. Some consumers stated that the sauce had an artificial taste to it that just didn’t sit well with them.

If you’re like most people, the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the word ‘lasagna’ is a layered pasta dish with lots of cheese and spicy marinara sauce. It’s a classic dish, and it’s popular just about everywhere. That’s why some may think it’s a crime that Hamburger Helper’s Lasagna is called that at all.

For starters, there’s no tomato sauce. Also, it’s definitely not prepared like a layered casserole, as you can probably imagine. Instead, the pasta is shaped vaguely like lasagna sheets. Besides, if you expect to get the authentic lasagna cheese flavor, you may also be disappointed; there’s no real cheese here. Instead, it’s just a cheese sauce that is a somewhat dehydrated powder. 

But if you know enough not to expect an authentic lasagna flavor, you should also try this option. Moreover, you can always add the things you think this lasagna version is missing — be it spices and herbs, or tomato sauce and paste!

However, Four Cheese Lasagna came with much better ratings. The flavors of four different kinds of cheese come together in this one to give you an excellent taste.


Hamburger Helper Cheesy Enchilada Recipe with a Twist

Cheeseburger Macaroni

Hamburger Helper Double Cheese Macaroni

If you’re a fan of cheese and macaroni, then the Cheeseburger Macaroni Hamburger Helper is definitely the one for you. It’s a classic flavor that combines ground beef with an ooey-gooey cheese blend and elbow macaroni for a tasty combination of simple ingredients, plus lots of flavorful seasonings like onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika for added flavor. This Hamburger Helper variety is one of the most recognizable flavor varieties out there, making it one of the most popular!

People often make Cheeseburger Macaroni Hamburger Helper by adding in extra seasonings and high-quality ingredients like diced tomatoes, onions, peppers, and jalapenos. And it’s no surprise why – adding these extras takes your dish to the next level. Plus, you can store it for future meals without losing its flavor. No matter what seasonings or additions you add, Cheeseburger Macaroni Hamburger Helper will always be a fine comfort food favorite everyone loves.

In addition, there is also a Bacon Cheeseburger option, so if you like your hamburgers extra cheesy, this is the variety for you! It comes with a delicious combination of bacon, cheeseburger, and macaroni flavors that create an unforgettable dinner!

Cheesy Italian Shells

Hamburger Helper Cheesy Italian Shells

The next on my list is one of the cheesiest options. I mean, the name says it itself! If you love cheese and pasta, then the Cheesy Italian Shells Hamburger Helper is definitely worth trying. This variety was quite a hit when it was released as a limited-edition flavor, and it’s still popular today. 

The blend of cheese and spices goes perfectly with prepared Italian shells, creating a delicious meal you can serve in no time. Add some fresh-cooked veggies or a side salad to complete your dinner!

People love this variety because the flavors blend together so well in each bite. You can find several tasty-looking recipes on YouTube using this Hamburger Helper, including different entrées like tacos, sloppy joes, and casseroles. 

You can also find Amazon reviews from users who were pleasantly surprised by how delicious the meal turned out to be. And I felt the same — it was like eating mac and cheese but with a twist. 

Cheddar Cheese Melt

Hamburger Cheddar Cheese Melt

Cheddar Cheese Melt Hamburger Helper is one of the top 10 varieties of Hamburger Helper you need to try. This classic favorite has loads of cheesy flavor with a mild tang, thanks to the sharp cheddar cheese sauce. Its unique flavor makes it stand out from other varieties, and a pleasant texture that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Plus, while with the other cheese dishes, we couldn’t tell exactly what kind of cheese we were getting, with the Cheddar Cheese Melt, you can definitely taste the cheddar, which is why it holds a better spot on my list. The cheddar cheese is still dried, but at least it has a flavor you will really like.

This versatile mix pairs well with all types of proteins but particularly shines when used with ground beef or turkey. Cheddar Cheese Melt Hamburger Helper can be used as a topping for nachos or a fantastic mac and cheese dish for those looking to indulge in something truly special. It was a hit at all of my gatherings, and it sure left everyone asking for more!

Salisbury Hamburger Helper

Hamburger Helper Salisbury

If you’re looking for a hearty, traditional dinner that comes together quickly and easily, then Hamburger Helper Salisbury is for you. With its classic flavor, this variety of Hamburger Helper has become a staple in many homes. It contains ground beef, potatoes, and vegetables mixed in with a creamy sauce that delivers a rich, savory flavor.

Who has time to prepare a Salisbury steak? So, this variety of Hamburger Helper, although not as delicious as the real thing, will help you prepare something similar to it in no time and with much less effort.

Hamburger Helper Salisbury is one of the original recipes that was released more than 40 years ago. It can be made in just one skillet and on the table in 30 minutes or less. In addition to being quick and easy to prepare, it’s also budget-friendly. 

Plus, the leftovers reheat nicely for lunch or dinner the next day. So if you’re looking for an easy but comforting meal option, Salisbury Hamburger Helper is a great choice.

Tomato Basil Penne

Hamburger Helper Tomato Basil Penne

If you are about to visit Walmart, you will find many varieties of Hamburger Helper, one of which is this fantastic version of a refreshing tomato-basil combo. 

This one is a classic with a twist – the basil gives it a subtle yet complex flavor that really stands out. Plus, the red of the tomatoes just makes it look so delicious!

This type of Hamburger Helper is incredibly versatile, as I often use it as a base to make other meals, like burritos and meatloaf. And there are definitely enough servings for several meals throughout the week. You don’t even need to use hamburgers in it; turkey or vegetarian options work just as well.

Besides, it can easily be made healthier with some added veggies for extra nutrients. It’s not the cheesiest out of them all (though cheese would undoubtedly be delicious in this), but that also makes it less heavy than some of its counterparts.

Chili Macaroni

Hamburger Helper Chili Macaroni

If Chili Macaroni Hamburger Helper had a superpower, it would be its sheer cheesiness. As it stands, that creamy thick cheese sauce takes up half the cupboard space in your pantry! Not to mention all those oven-baked cheesy noodles – they’re the craziest comfort food ever. The chili comes in second to the cheese, but it packs a good punch of flavor.

Hamburger Helper’s Chili Macaroni flavor is one of their most classic and popular varieties. It pairs perfectly with ground beef and other veggies for an incredibly filling meal that will satisfy all kinds of palates. It’s certainly not limited to ground beef either – you can use whatever kind of protein you like for different variations. But if you want the classic taste of Hamburger Helper, opt for ground beef!

Chili Mac is often touted as one of the best-selling Hamburger Helper flavors, and for a good reason. It has just the right amount of spice from the chili powder, plus chunks of tomatoes and tender elbow macaroni for an easy dinner you can throw together quickly on busy weeknights.

Beef Noodle

Hamburger Helper Cheddar Beef Noodle

Regarding comfort food, nothing beats the classic Beef Noodle Hamburger Helper. It’s been around since 1971 and is still going strong. Not only is it cheap and easy to make, but this type of meal is also a hit for kids and adults alike. 

This variety of Hamburger Helper comes with noodles, beef-flavored sauce mix, and signature spices that make this dish so tasty. To make it, you only need to brown some ground beef or turkey, add the ingredients to the box, and cook for about 15 minutes. You don’t even need additional vegetables or seasoning.

Beef Noodle Hamburger Helper will surely be a crowd-pleaser – the punchy flavors marry perfectly with the savory beef. Plus, it can be customized for your own taste buds: If you like spice, add some chili pepper or jalapeno pepper flakes; if you prefer cheesy dishes, then top with shredded cheese; if you want a healthier version, try using leaner ground beef or swapping out the noodles for whole wheat ones. 

Beef Taco

Hamburger Helper Beef Taco

If you’re like me, you love tacos. But you don’t always want to put in the effort to make them from scratch. That’s where Hamburger Helper steps in with their Beef Taco variety. Just add ground beef and water, and you’re ready for a Mexican feast.

This flavor earns bonus points for its ease of preparation: not all Hamburger Helper varieties require the same amount of attention and effort, so it felt like I could enjoy this one in no time flat. The ground beef was hearty, the taco seasoning robust, and the texture pleasant – it provided a satisfying meal in 30 minutes or less! 

Whether served as part of a family meal or as a super quick solo dinner, it can quickly satisfy any taco craving! In the past, there have been some pretty interesting limited edition flavors, but this one, as well as a Crunchy Taco Hamburger Helper, are indeed worth a try.

Cheesy Ranch Burger

Hamburger Helper Cheesy Ranch Burger

If you’re looking for something tangy, you’ll want to try Hamburger Helper Cheesy Ranch Burger. It’s definitely one of the cheesiest flavors they offer and packs quite the punch. Plus, it doesn’t take long to make either; just add hamburger and boiling water, stir, and let simmer for 10 minutes!

This flavor is definitely the top pick amongst the ranch fans. The cheese and ranch combine to create a delicious, savory, and creamy flavor. With this option, you get a hearty dish that can be served with rice or pasta for an extra cheesy kick!

It even works as part of meals like tacos or layered dip. You could also stuff it into bell peppers or mushrooms for a creative twist on classic dishes. The possibilities are endless with this popular variety – make your next meal one that everyone will love with Hamburger Helper Cheesy Ranch Burger Mix!

Double Cheesy Quesadilla

Hamburger Helper Double Cheesy Quesadilla

My next pick is a unique and tasty variety you didn’t know about until now: the Hamburger Helper Double Cheese Quesadilla. I mean, who could have imagined that all the spices and flavors of a quesadilla could be packed into one of Hamburger Helper’s iconic boxes? It’s an incredibly cheesy, zesty combination of cheese, Mexican spices, and enriched long-grain white rice.

It’s a Mexican twist on the classic pasta dish that comes with an extra creaminess from the cheese!

If you love spicy food and are looking for a great way to waste some time in the kitchen while still eating something that feels like a special treat, then this Double Cheese Quesadilla variety of Hamburger Helper definitely has your name written all over it!

Tuna Helper

Hamburger Helper Tuna Helper

If you’re looking for a really tastier and more flavorful twist on the classic Hamburger Helper, then you can’t go wrong with Tuna Helper.


Homemade Tuna Helper [Recipe from Scratch]

The great thing about Tuna Helper is that it’s made with real cheese and ingredients like coconut and vegetable oil. Moreover, all the ingredients are pre-portioned, so you don’t have to worry about measuring things out – it’s already done for you! So even if you’re short on time in the kitchen, you can still enjoy a delicious meal that tastes great.

The Betty Crocker package even states that the product contains no artificial colors. It even features some advice on preparing the most delicious version of this meal: just add some minced garlic before simmering and chopped parsley or crumbled bacon before serving. 

You can choose to top it with tuna and make a delicious main dish, prepare a delicious salad, or just serve it as a side. Either way, you will enjoy it for sure!

How Many Hamburger Helper Flavors Are There?

If you love Hamburger Helper as much as I do, you’re probably wondering how many Hamburger Helper varieties are out there. Great news! While there is no exact number out there, I can say for sure that there are over 20 Hamburger Helper varieties to choose from – all of which have something to offer.

You’ve got the classics like Cheesy Italian Shells, Cheesy Hamburger Mac, or some really unique flavors like Bacon Cheeseburger and Lasagna. 

Then, there are always those limited editions that make us run to the store and can’t wait to try them, like Betty Crocker Cheesy Fiesta Nacho, but also those that cannot boast a great flavor since they are rather bland and tasteless.

Hamburger Helper Flavors Ranked from Worst to Best

Hamburger Helper is a beloved and delicious product that has been around for decades. With so many varieties, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you prefer a classic flavor or something more adventurous, there is no doubt that Hamburger Helper is a great meal option. 

While every option from this list is worth a try, this is the order that I have made according to my personal preferences and the majority of the customers’ reviews:

  1. Stroganoff and Potatoes Stroganoff
  2. Cheeseburger Macaroni
  3. Cheesy Italian Shells
  4. Cheddar Cheese Melt
  5. Tomato Basil Penne
  6. Salisbury
  7. Cheesy Ranch Burger
  8. Chili Macaroni
  9. Beef Noodle
  10. Tuna Helper
  11. Beef Taco
  12. Double Cheesy Quesadilla
  13. Four Cheese Lasagna
  14. Lasagna
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