11 Mexican Fruit Table Ideas

Mexican Fruit Table Ideas
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Mexican fruit table is like a fiesta for your taste buds! It is a vibrant rainbow of juiciness- from zingy tang of tamarind to the sweet kiss of mango. Don’t forget something spicy on the side! Here are the best ideas for making a Mexican fruit table!

Fiesta in a Box

Each box is like a ray of sunshine – packed with juicy kiwis, watermelon, dragon fruit, and cherries, topped with edible flowers and fresh mint! How cute is this tiny bottle of Tajín on the side?

IMG 7258

Fruit Paradise  Platter

Indulge in the ultimate fruit extravaganza with this colorful platter! This masterpiece is a fusion of fresh and dried fruit, but the most interesting part is guava paste!

IMG 7259

Viva la Fruta

Tropical fruit in the cups, platters, and skewers is a fun and easy way to arrange the table. To round the whole picture, there are hot sauces and spices for a final touch!

IMG 7260

Mexican Munchies

Cheetos and tropical fruit duo are something you don’t see often! Crispy red grapes, strawberries, and watermelon go surprisingly well with some spice!

IMG 7261

Chamoy Fountain

Yes, you read it right! Ditch the boring chocolate fountain and test out cascades of spicy chamoy—perfect for dipping in sweet and juicy Mexican fruit!

IMG 7262

Pineapple Spice

Using pineapple as a stand for spicy Mexican candy and fresh fruit is not the most conventional thing, but you must admit, it is fun! Use skewers to arrange your favorites!

IMG 7263

Watermelon Baskets 

Watermelon, cantaloupe, and mango-filled baskets are an interesting way to serve fruit. Pica limòn on the side enhances their sweet flavors, giving them a unique kick!

IMG 7264

Spicy Plate

This is not as fancy combo, but still as delicious! Cut up your favorite fruit and top them generously with chamoy, Tajín, and fresh lime!

IMG 7265

Spicy Skewers

This is the same idea as the plate, but a tad different realization! Watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, and melon combo is elite!

IMG 7266

Sabor Mexicano 

This is one super spicy option in a cup! Chili, chamoy, lime, and tamarindo candy on top bring out all the juiciness of ripe fruit.

IMG 7267

Pomegranate Cups

This one is pretty self-explanatory but still super tasty! Pomegranate is tangy on its own, but when drizzled with chamoy, it becomes a taste rhapsody! 

IMG 7268

Creators, thank you for these amazing and spicy ideas! I am so ready for summer!

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