How To Get Your Domain Unblocked on Pinterest

if you ever have the unfortunate experience whereby you click on a pin in pinterest and see this dreaded message or a similar one “Sorry! We blocked this link because it may lead to spam” or want to prevent this message from happening than this article is for you.

How to unblock domain on pinterest

Domain Blocked Pinterest

I had this very thing happen to me, and not just a few pins but the whole domain was blocked. As you can imagine my traffic went from close to 1000 visitors a day to less than 100 per day – as you can see by the screenshot below. Check out this article here if you want to know how to build traffic to your blog. A lot of traffic comes from Pinterest so its something you want to make sure you don’t get blocked from. Also you would want to ensure your Pinterest account also is kept clean.

traffic pinterest unblocked

So How Did I Get My Domain Unblocked on Pinterest?

First I went to Pinterest Support and asked them to unblock my site. This didn’t work. I just got a reply to say that my site was not going to be unblocked and that it had been marked as Spam. Even though clearly my site is not spam and I made it clear that the photographs that had been posted on Pinterest were my own work.

So what was i to do? Give up? I felt angry and annoyed. All that hard work for nothing! No i needed to find a way through this. This is where I realized i needed the help of other Pinterest pinners. How did i do this? First thing I did was set up a page on my Blog asking other Pinrest (short for Pinterest) pinners to send in a request to have the domain unblocked. Check out the post here. I then sent out an email to my email list of subscribers also asking them to do the same.

Here is a summary of the Post to show you whats required of your helpers:

We have contacted Pinterest to reconsider their decision. We want all of you to do the same, which will help speed up the process. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Please go to this URL:
  2. Select ‘Account Settings’.002
  3. Under ‘I Have A Question About’, select ‘I Disagree With A Policy Notice’.
  4. Under ‘More Specifically’, Click the red button that reads ‘I Still Need Help’003
  5. In the next form (above image), kindly ask the Pinterest team to unblock

Please go to this URL:

What To Do Next – This is Important!

This still didnt work on its own. The next step was crucial to getting my Domain on Pinterest Unblocked. I asked the help of members of the food forum FoodBloggerPro to help and things began to change. These members are like minded food bloggers with seriously good websites in the same niche and equally good Pinterest profiles and accounts. They were such a great help! Have a guess what. It didn’t take too many of these Pinners to get Pinterest to reactivate my domain and realize that I was not spamming them and that my domain was legitimate.

So if you have a food blog and are a member of FoodBloggerPro and your domain is blocked then I suggest you ask them kindly in a forum post to help you and also show them what they need to do by posting a link to your page that you set up on your site outlining the steps clearly that they need to take. I also offered a free post to my Facebook page of 20k likes. However most just wanted to help and didn’t accept the offer. Here is a copy of my forum post:

Unblock domain on Pinterest

If you have a different niche blog other than food and are not a member of FoodBloggerPro than I suggest you find a forum of like minded people in your niche and kindly ask them to follow the steps I have outlined by contacting Pinterest to have your block removed. You may also like to offer them something in return.

I had my block removed within a week by doing this and my traffic came back as can be seen by the traffic screenshot above. The traffic didn’t all come back at once it gradually climbed over a few days.

Lessons Learned – How to Not Get your Domain Blocked

  • Do not spam
  • Do not Post too many times, even when using TailwindApp, the same picture in multiple group boards – some people see this picture in their feeds multiple times if they belong to the same groups and may get annoyed and flag the picture as spam even though it isn’t.
  • Do not post pictures to group boards that are not compliant with the boards and Pinterest posting terms. Foe example posting a chicken recipe to a cookie group board – it sounds common sense but it does happen.
  • Do not use any automated software designed to inflate likes, pins etc

If you found this post helpful then please link back to it from your website and share it below.

Also why not bookmark it so that its available for when you might need it


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