It’s not hard to get traffic to a website. Essentially, all you need to do is to know where your target audience is and to then tap into that location. For example, although we will be looking at food blogs, the information here can be applied to any type of blog.

How to get targeted traffic

The traffic areas we are going to discuss and how I tap into them are as follows:

1. Photo Sites and Food Sharing Sites
2. Social
3. Recipe Sites

1. Photo Sites and Food Sharing Sites

Photo sites and Food Sharing Sites can send some nice traffic to your website. However you need to ensure your photographs are of very high quality with good lighting. If you want to know what camera and lenses I use check out my resource page here.

The top food photography sites would have to be and Both drive alot of traffic however it is not too easy to get your photographs accepted. You will probably get alot of rejections before you get an accepted photograph. I have managed to get a few photographs accepted on both sites and I seem to get more traffic from than

Some of the other photo sites and food sharing sites inlude:


Goto each of these and signup for an account. Its free and then submit your recipes for further traffic and backlinks. Don’t forget to post your photographs from these sites to Pinterest and Facebook as well.

2. Social Sites

a. Pinterest

Pinterest can drive a tonne of traffic to your blog but you need to know how to use it properly. First set up a Pinterest account with attractive boards based around your niche. For example my blog has a Pinterest account associated with it here Cupcake Girl on Pinterest. Please follow this account with your account.

The key to Pinterest traffic is in the group boards. Unless you have a huge number of followers, which is probably not likely then you really need to join related niche group boards that are active and have large numbers of followers.

Make sure you have rich snippets set up on your foodblog so that when you post your picture and recipe to Pinterest a snippet of your recipe is also posted. Do a Google search if you dont know how to do this, as Its not within the scope of this article.

When writing the description try to write as much as you can and include popular hashtags such as #cooking #cook #bake #healthy #recipe etc

You can do a Google seach for popular hashtags to find more.
Long infographic type pictures are repinned more often than just the normal photo so get creative and make some long infographic type pictures to complement your recipe post.

Below is a good example of the longer infographic type Pin that get repinned more often.

white chocolate cupcake recipe


b. Yummly

Next on my list is and its second for a very good reason. I have had some major traffic spikes, i mean more than Pinterest at times from Yummly and the beautiful thing is its absolutely free so why not use it. Its a goldmine of targeted traffic that you can tap into.

If you are using wordpress then just search for the yummly plugin and install it. Rich snippets is already activated with it and all you have to do is create an account on The plugin will allow you to ‘Yum’ your recipes to your account which will then get displayed to a whole lot of other recipe lovers. If they like your recipe they will ‘Yum’ It as well sending you a spike of traffic to your site, as only the ingredients are shown with a link back to your site for the method. Its not uncommon to get thousands of Yums on your recipe and just as much traffic to your site.

3. Recipe Sites

I am using website and have included it here because I have found that it sends a steady stream of traffic to my foodblog. Simply signup and add your recipes. When adding your recipe you have the option to select an option which will only show part of your recipe with a link back to your site for the full method. Select this option as it will require the visitor to goto your site. The link can also contain keywords so you get some SEO benefit from the link as well. You also get to add related recipes with links and keywords adding more SEO to other pages of your foodblog.

You might also find that since this site is rather large your MyRecipeMagic Recipes could start to rank pretty much quickly depending on the competition.  Sometimes MyRecipeMagic will pick up your recipe and feature it. This is an instant traffic boost recieving thousands of extra visitors over a few days.

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How to get targeted traffic