Delicious Easy Lemon Chicken Romano in 30 Minutes

Lemon Chicken Romano -

Lemon Chicken Romano –

Delicious Easy Lemon Chicken Romano in 30 Minutes

Anybody wanting summer to hurry up and come or perhaps is it just simply me being a little impatient? Lemons help remind me of a vibrant sunlit summer day and so I thought today is an excellent day to cook using lemons. Furthermore I’ve got a lot of fresh lemons I really want to use. I had put together this idea to make a recipe much like Chicken Parmesan however with several different flavors.

Initially I first imagined making a Romano, oregano along with white marinade adaptation then simply decided upon a much better and much healthier choice versus a rich and creamy white marinade would basically be fresh lemon – both the lemon zest together with the juice. As a result it wasn’t only Chicken Romano any longer, now I made a decision to call it Lemon Chicken Romano. This really is just like the Chicken Parmesan recipe I actually baked a month or so ago which I modified since I liked the procedure for preparing it, to fry and after that bake the actual Panko crusted chicken.

This particular recipe is unquestionably destined to be included in my dinner rotator. It was actually simple and easy and also so tasty. I really like the mix of the Greek and Italian flavors it’s covered with. Furthermore, I like the crunchy and zesty outside.

If you’d have fresh basil available which you’d want to use, you are able to switch the fresh oregano for fresh basil, in any case would be scrumptious however I would undoubtedly strongly recommend giving the oregano adaptation a go. The lemon, oregano, Romano blend is definitely excellent with this meal. Likewise, that basil leaf on the top is completely optional, I actually included it simply for fanciness!

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